Fake Mandarin Trevor Slattery is ready to return, here's where

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The actor Ben Kingsley will return as Trevor Slattery. Trevor is the character we have seen in Iron Man 3, professional actor, hired to play the part of a terrorist known by the name of Mandarin. Slattery is back as a co-star in the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As reported by Variety, Ben Kinglsey as Trevor Slattery is expected to join the cast of Wonder Man, a new TV series Disney + exclusive which is currently in the works in secret.
Marvel Studios has not released any statements on possible projects not yet announced. There is no statement on the matter by Ben Kingsley or a representative of him.


Who is Trevor Slattery

Trevor Slattery's story in the Marvel Studios movies is a bit complicated. In 2013 in Iron Man 3 he is presented as the leader of a terrorist organization responsible for deadly attacks. But Tony Stark / Iron Man, investigating, discovers that Slattery is an actor from a career in decline, who plays the part which was entrusted to him by the true villain of the film: Aldrich Killian, the evil scientist who plots revenge against Tony.
Kingsley reprized this same role in 2021 in the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. In this film we discover that Slattery was captured and imprisoned by Shang-Chi's father, Wenwu. The latter is the leader of the criminal organization called the Ten Rings and forces Slattery to perform as a court jester. Fortunately, thanks to Shang-Chi's intervention, along with his sister and best friend, Xialing and Katy respectively, the unfortunate Slattery manages to escape from the criminal organization.
After escaping Trevor takes part in the adventures of Shang-Chi and arrives in Ta Lo, a magical village located in another dimension. At the end of the Shang-Chi film, Trevor Slattery remains to live in Ta Lo.

If a series about the superhero Wonder Man were actually in the works, it could enter the official Marvel / Disney announcement list at Disney+Day, on September 8, 2022.


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The bad is the most fascinating in The Academy of Good and Evil [VIDEO]

Watch the new clip of The Academy of Good and Evil, the new Netflix fantasy film where fairy tale characters learn to be heroes ... or villains!
Author: Mauro G. Pozzuoli ,
The bad is the most fascinating in The Academy of Good and Evil [VIDEO]

The Netflix event TUDUM 2022 has presented numerous exclusive videos of original films; among these The Academy of the good of evil, centered on a school for heroes and villains of fairy tales. This new film is based on the saga of fantasy books of the same name written by Soman Chainani and will be released on the Netflix platform on October 19, 2022. We have shown you previously the trailer for The Academy of Good and Evil; below instead the new official clip, in English with Italian subtitles:

In this video we see a ritual where the students are stung by the professors on the finger, in two rows that clearly divide them into good and bad. When the finger is pricked it lights up, and the masters explain that this happens because the kids tap into their emotions to use magic. A blonde girl dressed in dark style enters the hall of the school, who boldly approaches the teacher and asks that her powers be activated by holding out her finger.

The plot of The Academy of Good and Evil

The book The Academy of Good and Evil by Chainani is based on the existence of a force that kidnaps the children of the village of Gavaldon and takes them to the Academy, which trains them to become the protagonists of fairy tales both as princes, fairies and heroes, both in the role of witches and enemies. The protagonists are two friends, Sophie and Agatha: the first loves the color pink and dreams of marrying Prince Charming, while the second is gloomy and grumpy. When the two are kidnapped and arrive at the Academy, they are very surprised to find that the romantic Sophie has been assigned to the Academy of good and the grim Agatha to that of evil. As time goes by, Sophie looks for a way to swap places with Agatha, while Agatha just wants to go home with her friend.

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