Ezra Miller without brakes: "I'm like Jesus"

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Actor Ezra Miller it is still at the center of the controversy. Sources close to the actor have stated that in recent months it has been impossible to communicate with him without getting into a fight, and that Miller he used to refer to himself as Jesus or the devil. Ezra Miller admitted to having mental health problems in an official statement in August 2022, apologizing to all the people he alarmed and put in trouble with his behavior.

Ezra Miller played the role of the superhero speedster Flash in the film Justice League, before working on the same character in the film The Flash, which is due to be released in US theaters on June 23, 2023. At the moment it is not known yet. whether Miller's personal problems could put the film at risk somehow.
Vanity Fair reported speaking to more than 12 people close to Ezra Miller. According to these people protected from anonymity, the psychological problems of the well-known actor would be accompanied by the use of drugs and the obsession with weapons, which he owns in substantial quantities. One of the sources stated that Miller said that "Flash is the one that brings the multiverse together, just like Jesus".


Ezra Miller, parties and controversies

According to Vanity Fair, Ezra Miller's lifestyle took a sharp turn when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out. The well-known actor had finished filming the ongoing projects and found himself unable to work, as the sets were closed for security measures. From that moment, according to sources close to Ezra Miller, he would have started a series of uninterrupted parties. Reportedly, Miller's day-to-day activities would be devoid of any planning or rules and completely at the mercy of chaos. Numerous incidents have entered into this framework, such as the reception of a woman with her three children in the villa owned by the Flash interpreter, who later disappeared. Some witnesses had stated that children, between the ages of 1 and 5, circulated freely in the house in the presence of unattended weapons. Other details reported by the sources concern the period that Miller spent in Iceland, which according to them would have been spent entirely for clubs, especially attending rave parties, where the young actor got drunk for two or three days in a row. So according to these testimonies, it is unlikely that the actor was lucid when he put his hands on the throat of a fan in Iceland, an incident caught on cameras and went viral, as reported by the Daily Mail

Did Ezra Miller hit rock bottom and then start to rise again?

Another chapter in Ezra Miller's downward spiral concerns the presence of weapons on his Vermont farm. According to the testimonies, the concern of the friends had become such that they decided to lock all the firearms owned by the actor in the safe, working behind his back and keeping the combination hidden from him. Miller would react by sinking into depression, drawing out his bow and arrows and then lying on the floor; according to Miller sources he was drunk again at the time. The actor had his first successful role in the film ... and now let's talk about Kevin from 2011, in which he played a serial killer who killed using a bow and arrow. Miller claimed in 2018 that he is in possession of the props from the film, so it's possible that witnesses actually saw the bow and arrows used in the film. Vanity Fair reports that immediately after this episode Ezra Miller would have called on speakerphone all the people who worked for him, firing them in front of a small group of friends. According to the sources, the interpreter was happy with the result, giggling when on the other end of the phone he started crying. 

In early August 2022, Warner Bros. executive David Zaslav said he had every intention of bringing the film The Flash in theaters in 2023. Nevertheless, The Hollywood Reporter reported that executives had also considered canceling the film. This latest news seems to have accounted for the "awakening" of Ezra Miller, which after four days released its official statement relating to the mental health problems we discussed earlier in this article. According to sources close to the actor, he is currently undergoing therapy for his problems. There have been no official Warner Bros. statements about the star's personal problems.

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