Eternals: the curiosities about the Marvel Studios film revealed by Assembled

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From today February 16, 2022 on Disney + a new episode of the Assembled docu-series is available, which narrates the making of the Marvel Studios films and series. The new episode is dedicated to the film Eternals, which is already available on the platform also in an IMAX version.
From the backstage various interesting curiosities emerged related to the costumes of the protagonists, the ship of the Eternals, the sets and many directorial choices. For this article the most interesting have been chosen:

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The locations

The aesthetic of Eternals is clearly different from every Marvel Studios film produced to date. The credit for this change goes to director Chloé Zhao, who insisted with the production to shoot as much as possible in real locations and not inside the studios. This allowed the director, newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to capture the natural light of the places and to "widen" the shots because, in fact, in an open place the landscape is not delimited by anything.

Marvel Studios
Chloé Zhao in front of the sea
Director Chloé Zhao in a set surrounded by nature

The United Kingdom was the main location of Eternals since the Anglo-Saxon country offers many different places, which are also capable of representing different eras. In addition, the Canary Islands were chosen for the scenes set in the past in Babylon and Mesopotamia. Fuerteventura island was the location of the final battle.

The change of the Deviants

A very interesting aspect of the film, and perhaps not noticeable at the first viewing, concerns the fact that the Deviants change over time. In Assembled, special effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti revealed that de Devianti's change is not accidental but based on an evolution based on how they look and creatures. From a dinosaur-like shape a Deviant changes to a shape more like one of the animals we see in our time, such as wolves.


Salma Hayek's personal experience

Salma Hayek has revealed a personal anecdote regarding her riding. When she read the script she realized that her character, Ajak, had a riding scene. Well, in the interview released for Assembled, she the Mexican-born actress revealed that years ago she had a horse accident and from that moment she has decided to stop riding. Thanks to her, Eternals, she managed to get rid of her fears by returning to her horse.

Marvel Studios
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek on horseback on the set of Eternals

The meeting at Comic-Con

In 2019, the cast of Eternals presented themselves to the public for the first time. Of the 10 protagonists, only Gemma Chan was absent. Well, Assembled has revealed that the one on the stage of Comic-Con was the first ever meeting of the actors and actresses of the Marvel Studios film. On that occasion Angelina Jolie revealed to Lauren Ridloff that she is a fan of the TV series The Walking Dead, where she plays the role of Connie.


Between myth and legend: The Aztec temple

Eve Stewart, the Eternals production designer, has revealed that she has done several research to understand how to use the drawings of Marvel designer Jack Kirby in the story of Eternals. Among the more than 130 sets built by the design team, that of the Aztec temple of Teotihuacán was the one that required more in-depth study. This was believed to have been built by aliens or gods for men, so Stewart used this aura of mystery to customize the temple for the Eternals, not forgetting to pay homage to Kirby's drawings to which he dedicated many of the temple's decorations. and not only.

Marvel Studios
The Eternals Aztec set
The Aztec temple set

The costumes

All forms of the costumes are based on the comics created by Jack Kirby. Costume designer Sammy Sheldon Differ revealed that Eternals were the hardest superhero costumes she ever had to create. This is because each costume is different from the other and all are made up of different colors and layers! Each costume has from a minimum of 5 layers to a maximum of 18 (Sprite's costume): the layers are the various pieces that together form the entire costume.

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