Eliza Dushku is pregnant: the actress and Peter Palandjian are expecting their first child

Author: Giulia Greco ,

Eliza Dushku, the Slayer Faith in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and her spin-off, Angel, expecting her first child. The news was given by the actress herself, who revealed it exclusively to US Weekly during a screening of the film Mapplethorpe she produced.

In the interview she said that she and her husband Peter Palandjian, CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation, are delighted to be able to break the happy news.


We are very excited. We got married in August. It is a special year for us.

The couple celebrated their wedding in the courtyard of the Boston Public Library on August 18, 2018, about a year after the official engagement was announced.

I have recently been married and now I can't wait to find out what this new chapter of my life will be like. I started acting at nine and am only now discovering new things that I am thrilled about.

Dushku didn't just talk about the pregnancy during the interview with US Weekly. She has also focused on other aspects of her life that she has chosen to share with the rest of the world. She currently attends Suffolk University, where she is studying Holistic Medicine in relation to addictions and traumatic episodes.

His is not a random choice. Eliza made no secret of having lived a complicated life. Last November she celebrated ten years of sobriety, and she had to struggle for years with the trauma of violence suffered as a child.

Dushku shared her dire experience in a Facebook post, in which she admitted she was abused on the set of the film True Lies when she was only twelve.


More recently, the Albanian-born actress accused NCIS 'Tony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly of harassing her on the set of the television series Bull and making bad jokes and inappropriate sexual comments even when Dushku confessed to him. not to feel at ease.

When the story became public, the actress wrote a piece in the Boston Globe in which she recounted the details of what happened from her point of view.


There was nothing playful about it, it wasn't a joke between consenting people. It's a classic case of workplace harassment that has turned into a case of bullying, again in the workplace. I was put in a position to constantly feel fearful whenever I was in Weatherly's presence.

The Echo performer in Dollhouse wrote that she was immediately cut off from the show after expressing her distress and receiving a nearly $ XNUMX million settlement.

CBS ultimately paid me $ 9,5 million earlier this year to settle the matter - an amount that represents a portion of what I would have earned if I had stayed on the show until the end of my potential six-month contract. years.

Eliza's pregnancy therefore comes at just the right time. The actress will thus be able to leave the past behind and think about a brighter future.

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