Don't Look Up predicted the future ... again

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Don't Look Up cover predicted the future ... again

In the past few hours on Twitter is back in trend (i.e. in the ranking of the most used hashtags) Don't Look Up by Adam McKay. Remember the Netflix movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as two scientists who discover that a meteorite is about to crash into the earth and fail to be taken seriously by either the US government or the US media? 

The film, a clear one metaphor of the ongoing climate crisis, had he done a lot of discussion a few months ago, when he arrived on Netflix? The reason? On the one hand, some had not appreciated the simplistic and arrogant tone with which the film deals with very delicate and complex issues, on the other how many are skeptics or even deniers of climate change they had branded it as pure propaganda. 


However, McKay must be acknowledged that he intercepted a very precise media phenomenon, to have immortalized it in his film and somehow predicted the future. Remember the scene where Kate's (Jennifer Lawrence) character is not believed when she announces on television that the meteor will destroy the Earth? In the scene Kate is progressively more nervous and distressed, so much so that she screams "we will all die!", While the hosts look at her smiling and scold her for the fact that, in their program, there is "the positive side in the negative news". 

Was already happened three months ago, in an English broadcast; an exchange that looked like a carbon copy of the Don't Look Up scene had taken place between an English activist and the hosts. 

It happened again and the public immediately started citing the Netflix movie. On Twitter the user Lidotajs created this montage, which immediately attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people. We propose it here. 


The clip is taken from the GB Channel, a UK broadcaster. The host is on the air with a connected meteorologist from what appears to be her garden. The argument is obviously the weather and the anomalous heat that is affecting the United Kingdom in these days. 

The presenter greets the meteorologist, telling him it looks like a beautiful morning. The man, staid about her, reminds her that a heat like the one we are experiencing is "a lethal weather" in these hours will lead to hundreds if not thousands of sudden deaths from record temperatures. 

The host seems to almost quote McKay's film when she replies: 

John, I want to be happy about the weather, I don't know what is happening with you meteorologists, you are all a bit fatalistic and you talk about a disaster. 

Meanwhile we see the bewildered and irritated face of the meteorologist explaining why this is not an isolated event. 


In short, you may like it or not, but Don't Look Up really photographed something disconcerting that is happening in the media around the world. 

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