The official wedding dresses of the Disney princesses are a splendor

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If marriage were a branded fairytale, it definitely would be under the Disney sign.

Many, since they are little girls, have dreamed of their wedding day as a happy ending, the culmination of a romantic story with princes and princesses. 


And Disney has come up with a way to make magic come true, thanks to the wedding dresses that transform a wedding into a Disney universe.

As had already been announced, Allure Bridals, an American brand born in 1998, has collaborated with Disney for an enchanting collection of wedding dresses, each dedicated to a princess: from Ariel's mermaid cut to Cinderella's A-line, from Tiana's 20s outfit to fairy of Snow White.

The collection was presented by Allure Bridals and the photos from the promotional campaign give the idea of ​​literally ending up in the woods of Aurora or in Jasmine's exotic palace.

Gallery: Disney-themed wedding dresses by Allure Bridals

Inspired by iconic Disney heroines and their dresses, the Disney Fairy Tale wedding dress collection offers 16 styles, with prices ranging from $ 1.200 to $ 10.000 (in euros from approximately 1.000 to 8.000) and a wide range of sizes. In the "Where to buy" section of the site, you will find the stores closest to the location where the clothes are sold (not in Italy for now).

Each bride can look for her soul in the folds of luxurious and splendid dresses, diversified according to the personality of one or another heroine.

Let's find them all!


Princess Aurora is the protagonist of Sleeping Beauty. About her She has three fairies to watch over her and a wicked enemy, Maleficent, who causes her to sting herself with a spinning wheel to fall into a death-like sleep.


For Aurora the designers of Allure Bridals have designed un wide dress with a narrow waist, with a strapless bodice, covered with sparkling lace and beading. Shiny tulle and tulle come together to create a majestic skirt.

Aurora is also recognizable by the mantle, finely sewn with lace details, and detachable.

Allure Bridals - Disney
Aurora Disney Allure Bridals Wedding Dress
The princely wedding dress

Aurora's dress presents a more baroque variant, with the skirt edged by a loop of Alençon lace.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Aurora Allure Bridals wedding dress variant
The variant with the skirt with lace edges


Belle, modern princess, combative and beloved, is represented with this elegant model with a classic cut, with a butter-colored satin skirt, with a structure prone to the vaulting of a ballroom.


The lace appliques refine the cut and the Bardot neckline, which leaves the neck and shoulder blades uncovered.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress dedicated to Belle
A classic and romantic model for Belle

Belle is also enhanced with a second wedding dress, with a wide and sumptuous skirt of shimmering tulle, enriched by Venise lace blooms, embroidery and semi-sparkling pearls to embellish the neckline.

A choice for romantic brides who don't want to go unnoticed.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress dedicated to Belle
Beautiful in a majestic version


Cinderella is there "blue princess" par excellence. Thanks to the Fairy Smemorina and a spell, she participates in the ball and makes the prince fall in love.

Her extremely romantic and fairytale figure is celebrated with a V-neck wedding dress, topped with hundreds of crystals and Alençon lace appliqués.

The tulle of the skirt is the height of the dream: looking at it, you can glimpse the flashes of a girl finally transformed into a princess, but (this time) without the fear of midnight. The embroidered sleeves give a refined and classy touch.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress dedicated to Cinderella
Ready to cross midnight

It is also dedicated to Cinderella another dress of the line, which celebrates the blue as state of mind. The model, with 3/4 sleeves, is made up of layers of glittery tulle, embellished with over 4.600 crystals and 44.000 sequins and beads that recall the concept of the crystal slipper.

On the back the closure of the dress, a row of delicate buttons.


Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress dedicated to Cinderella
Blue like Cinderella


Could an Ariel-inspired dress possibly not be mermaid? This magnificent model is made in soft tulle and organza. The mermaid cut flows into an opening, in the lower end, which remembers the movement of the sea waves.

Strapless sweetheart neckline, long row of buttons at the back, this wedding dress is sexy and chic at the same time.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress dedicated to Ariel
The mermaid in the waves

Ariel is inspired by another wedding dress, always with a mermaid cut, more opulent and exquisite.

The bodice is covered with embroidery and appliques and a cascade of luxurious beads make a special effect on the back.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Ariel-inspired Allure Bridals wedding dress
Beads and embroidery for the mermaid


Composed and sophisticated, the wedding dress inspired by Jasmine recalls jasmine and the royal elegance of the princess

The stretch crêpe fabric offers special comfort, while the flared silhouette is covered with lace and Venise crystals, accompanying the off-the-shoulder cut.

The skirt has a regular and posh shape.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress inspired by Jasmine
Essential and delicate like the princess


Pocahontas was a simple and free girl and the model dedicated to her is inspired by this concept.

All-over lace embroidery (with a small train) represent the fabrics that accompany the cut and design of the Pocahontas-inspired dress.

Sweetheart neckline and thin straps, this wedding dress it slims and refines. The covered buttons on the back are a glamorous must.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress inspired by Pocahontas
Simple as Pocahontas


The princess with the longest hair ever sees a delicate and romantic dress.

Made of lace, it boasts a slim bodice and hinted sleeves, which flow into a fully embroidered V-neck.

Soft inserts of chiffon and tulle make the impalpable skirt, of the same stuff that dreams are made of. Let's imagine this dress paired with Rapunzel's hair, a blonde braid that skims the floor along with the dress.

On the back, instead of the veil, a very long tulle bow (as if it were a train), representative of the peculiar trait of this princess.

Allure Bridals - Disney
Allure Bridals wedding dress dedicated to Rapunzel
The long bow like the princess braid


The Snow White inspired wedding dress is a dip into tradition.

The bodice is in embroidered lace, the A-line structure, with the ballroom skirt, wide, composed of multi-layers of organza and glittery tulle. The dazzling floral appliques give an even more majestic and luxurious plus to the first Disney princess (the fairy tale is from 1937).

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress inspired by Snow White
A romantic and traditional bride


Tiana-inspired wedding dress is reminiscent of the splendors of the Charleston Era and the Jazz Age, setting of the fairy tale that tells the kiss of the princess and the frog.

The slender shape with a sweetheart neckline and strapless gives this model the harmony of perfectly chiseled geometries. In soft tulle and lace by Alençon, this dress has a 20s touch and at the same time expresses great modernity.

Disney - Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals wedding dress inspired by Tiana
Ready to kiss the frog

Which of these stunning wedding dresses is your favorite?


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