Despicable Me 3: Gru and the Minions vs the magical 80s

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After the enormous success of the first two chapters, the former villain Gru and his unstoppable helpers Minions are preparing to return to Italian cinemas at the end of the summer. Despicable Me 3 will arrive in Italian theaters on August 24th, 2017 and, between family secrets and a very special villain, he already promises to be one of the champions of the summer box office. We previewed one of the most anticipated films (from children and not only) of summer 2017. Here is our review. 

Despicable Me 3: Gru doubles up

Like any traditional US-based animation product, Despicable Me has the family is at the center and its values. That of the protagonist Gru, a former irreducible villain redeemed for the sake of 3 little sisters, has grown a lot over time. In addition to Margo, Edith and Agnes, he now shares his days with his partner and special agent Lucy, while always remaining by the side of his long-time friends Minions: we discovered the origins of this relationship in the recent spin-off dedicated to the "yellow smash" of the last years. 


Kevin wears a blue hat declaring his love for Gru in Despicable Me 3
The yellow smash is back: here are the Minions in Despicable Me 3!

In Despicable Me 3 we will discover other secrets of the protagonists' past: in fact Gru will reconnect with another member of his family, his twin brother Dru. While they resemble each other like drops of water, the two are polar opposites in terms of taste and character. Her growing affinity for Dru will help the grumpy Gru deal with the film's villain, the former small screen star. Balthazar Bratt

Despicable Me 3: a dip in the 80s

If there's anything Illumination Entertainment's most famous animated franchise just can't resist, they are fashions and catchphrases. It is therefore not surprising that, in a period in which the atmospheres and culture of the 80s are so inflated, even Despicable Me 3 you play the nostalgia card. While the Minions try with the usual pimp approach to entertain the viewer with the usual gags, the most successful contribution (even if not exactly original) is that given by the villain. 

Balthazar Bratt is a former small screen star who was hugely popular in the 80s and then fell from grace. Unable to leave the gaudy and carefree world of that era, Bratt makes it his weapon, pondering a tremendous revenge on the entertainment world who has turned away from him. 


Balthazar Bratt threatens Gru with an 80's design weapon in a scene from Despicable Me 3
From Wreck-It Ralph to Balthazar Bratt: Even animation is nostalgic for the 80s

On his way he will find Gru, who will have to fight to keep his "good" job and to suppress the evil instincts and stunts of yore. As Gru rejoins his brother and attempts to catch Bratt, Lucy attempts to rappel into thechallenging role of mother of the three adorable little sisters. Meanwhile, the Minions will end up having a stay ... in prison

Despicable Me 3: going to the movies or staying at home? 

It is difficult to imagine a possible flop of Despicable Me 3, given that it proposes all the elements of its first successful chapter. If Illumination's irony and creativity has always been far inferior to its competitors from Disney Pixar, Dreamworks and LAIKA, the young animation studio doesn't really need to learn anything about how capitalize on success.

Whatever your position on the Minions catchphrase, Despicable Me 3 at the cinematic level is a film that fails to propose a new idea that is one, limiting itself to exploit fashions, catchphrases and tastes of the moment to attract the audience to the hall.


Irritated Gru holds the hand of a very excited Dru in Despicable Me 3
Gru and Dru ... two twins at the antipodes!

From the 80s to unicorns, Illumination squeezes to the last any material that comes into your hands in an almost obsessive search for a new catchphrase to offer to the public. Despicable Me 3 is a movie that plays on a very easy and obvious irony, as quick to see in the cinema as to forget as soon as you leave the cinema. What's worse, with each new chapter the story of Gru loses a piece of originality, with his life that is gradually being conformed to the stereotype of the happy family. In light of this film, it's really hard to have any hope for the other upcoming animated sequels.

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