How does Death Note end? The epilogue of the Light Yagami story

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Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, Death Note is one of the best known titles in the Japanese comic scene in the world.

The story, compelling psychological thriller, revolves around the story of Light Yagami, a cynical and brilliant student who comes into possession of the Death Note, the notebook that the god of death Ryuk drops on Earth in an attempt to find a remedy for boredom. Light soon discovers the mystical properties of the notebook, which can kill any individual whose name is written in it, and decides to make it his weapon to purify the world to Ryuk's great delight, in search of good entertainment. When it becomes clear that Light embodies a twisted model of justice, someone tries to stop him and the psychological warfare begins between Light, nicknamed Kira (for killer), and L, expression of the law.


Even if Light is the winner of the fight against L, there is a long way to go to realize his purpose and proclaim himself the god of a new and reformed world. And it is at this point that the protagonist of the series is forced to face two other opponents: Mello and Near.

So far there are no big differences between the manga of Ohba and Obata and the anime that was based on it. But something changes in the epilogue of the story, in which the differences between the two media become more marked, not so much in terms of the events themselves, but in the way in which Light meets his destiny.

Light loses his mind in the Death Note finale

Even if Light has always managed to plan his every move down to the smallest detail, managing to deceive anyone, the challenge with Near and Mello puts him with his back to the wall.

Faced with the evidence of guilt, Light can only confess the truth: he is Kira. But again, Light has a plan. Revealing his identity does not mean for him to turn himself in to the police. The boy still has more than one ace up his sleeve. Yet, this time, luck doesn't seem to be turning in his favor. Any attempt to get away with it and get around his opponents backfires and even one of his most loyal followers, Teru Mikami, turns his back on him, recognizing him as a mere man, not a god.

Alone, now cornered, Light loses his mind, invoking the help of Misa and Takada, even knowing that neither of them is there to help him. With that shred of clarity that remains, Light begs Ryuk to help him out, to take his side openly and write the names of his enemies in the Death Note.

Although his time with Light has enjoyed him immensely, Ryuk has never been loyal to Light and the boy knows it well. As he had promised him earlier, Ryuk at that point uses the notebook of death, but he does not listen to his prayers and, on the contrary, kills him.

In the last moments of his life, Light dies losing all the dignity and composure that had always distinguished him. He hopes that the name written by Ryuk can be deleted, but then the shinigami reminds him that it will not happen, these are not the rules of the Death Note.

Alone against everyone, Light Yagami thinks back to the first meeting with Ryuk and the words of the god of death, from which he is terrified, echo in his mind: heaven and hell do not exist, after death there is nothing.


In the last pages of the manga we discover that the world is reborn without Kira, but the hope of his return still resists in the hearts of his faithful supporters.

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The ending of the anime: a more serene death

The fate of Light Yagami is no different in the anime, yet the ending of the animated series offers some variations to the death of the protagonist.

When Light realizes that he is no longer able to counter his opponents, no longer able to write their names on the Death Note, he tries to escape and Near lets him go. In fact, L's heir no longer believes him capable of harming anyone: Light is in fact injured and no longer has even a single fragment of a page from the notebook of death.

So, Light runs away and at that moment Ryuk, realizing that the fun has come to an end, writes Yagami's name in the notebook.

Light's death sequence is therefore less brutal in the anime: The protagonist never discovers that Ryuk killed him and is able to say goodbye to this world more serenely than his black and white counterpart.


Death Note Death Note A high school student who finds a supernatural notebook called the Death Note, thrown to Earth by the shinigami Ryuk. The item gives the user the power to kill anyone, simply ... Open tab

An alternative ending never made official

A few years after the publication of the last chapter of Death Note, an alternative ending of the manga mysteriously appeared online that immediately piqued the curiosity of fans, giving rise to numerous discussions and speculations.


The ending in question, available only in English, has never been confirmed by the manga's authors. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata never confirmed that the alternate final chapter bore their signatures, but they never denied it either.

The manga and the anime both end with Light's defeat and his inevitable death. The alternate ending delivers a look at the horrible future that would have come if Light had won instead.

The story begins with an elder Light who, having fulfilled his purpose to give birth to a new world, asks Ryuk to kill him.

After he dies he is inexplicably catapulted into the world of shinigami. If it is true that in the course of the comic Ryuk had warned Light that hell and heaven do not exist, reminding him that "death is the same for everyone", it is also true that in one of the final pages of the last volume of the manga we read: "After the death there is nothing ”.

However, Light does not seem surprised and states that it was a possibility he had already considered.

After the initial bewilderment, Light begins to experience the pain of the deaths he inflicted, a sort of unearthly punishment for what he committed in life, but soon, rather than succumbing to madness and pain, the Death Note protagonist finds his own. stoic composure e a new idea makes its way into his mind: Light wishes to meet the king of the gods of death to propose a deal and rebuild the kingdom of the shinigami as he did with the human one.

Death Note is over?

Yes. The latest volume of the manga, still today among the most popular ever, was published in Japan in 2006, two years later in Italy.

The anime was broadcast between 2006 and 2007 in Japan, between 2008 and 2009 in Italy.

Is there a Death Note sequel?

There is a sequel to the manga, written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, released on February 4, 2020.

Set about ten years after Light Yagami's violent death, the one-shot chapter again stars Ryuk, the god of death who had dropped his notebook on Earth at the beginning of the story.

When Ryuk returns to Earth to deliver the death notebook to a new owner, he hopes to witness an epic story like the fight between Light Yagami and L.

However, things don't go as planned when he chooses Minoru Tanaka to carry on the legacy of his brilliant predecessor.

How many volumes of Death Note are there?

The volumes of the regular manga series are in all 12, in the Black Edition the chapters are grouped into 6 full-bodied volumes.

How many episodes of Death Note are there?

The first and only season of Death Note is made up of 37 episodes lasting 25 minutes each.

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