Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings guest on The Tonight Show

Author: Rina Zamarra ,

Colleen Ballinger she put Miranda Sings' lipstick-stained shirts in the closet and showed up on The Tonight Show without her alter ego. 

The young singer, actress and youtuber was a guest of #Jimmy Fallon to present the TV series Haters Back Off, in which Miranda is the protagonist. 


Serious interview then without any fun moments? Well, only apparently. 

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Colleen sat down and talked about the character who made her famous and, at the same time, got her fired from Disneyland

The actress talked about the time she acted and sang in the six daily shows of the amusement park and how Miranda occasionally sneaks in and takes possession of her during the breaks.

The poor thing just wanted to entertain colleagues, but it seems her singing skills weren't quite what she was asking for.


Colleen was forced to leave Disneyland because Miranda Sings was not judged a talented girl, even if she is convinced to the contrary. 

If you don't know Miranda, take a look at the video below.

The YouTube channel is very famous and boasts 6 million fans who connect to watch the performances of the unlikely singer, convinced that she does even better than the stars she inspires, from Taylor Swift to Ariana Grande. 

Could Colleen have left Miranda at home right on the stage of The Tonight Show ?!


The proposal started with Jimmy who distracted the audience to allow Miranda to appear with the usual red lipstick out of the contours of the lips!

If you want to see Colleen's performance, make an appointment with #The Tonight Show at 22,45 pm on FOX. 

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