Cip and Dale Special Agents: 5 reasons to see it absolutely

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It is available from today 20 May 2022 as an exclusive streaming on Disney + Cip and Ciop Special Agents or a film made with a mixed technique, live-action and animation in computer graphics, suitable for the whole family.

The story of Cip and Dale Special Agents is set years after the end of the animated series of the same name which saw the protagonists Cip and Dale for 3 seasons. But let me tell you right away that it is not necessary to have seen the animated series of the late 80s to enjoy the new Disney + movie. In fact, the story itself offers an essential summary of what you need to know to watch Chip and Dale Special Agents. The two protagonists live today with a past full of grudges behind them, but they find themselves facing, in spite of themselves, a threat that could compromise the lives of all their animated colleagues.


The plot reflects a very well thought-out mystery thriller in which Chip and Dale are no longer the cheerful and carefree squirrels that the public knows but instead carry the weight of the years and some unhappy choices. The film tells the story of a broken friendship based on the values ​​that built it and which should not be forgotten. In short, Cip and Ciop Agenti Speciali is really an excellent product: modern with a retro flavor: here are 5 reasons why Cip and Ciop Special Agents should be seen by the whole family:

  1. Chip and Dale Special Agents is fun. This is the most important aspect for children to see the film. The gags are varied, they do not repeat themselves and entertain both the smallest and the largest audiences
  2. The theme of friendship and forgiveness is very well treated. This is something that could positively affect teenagers
  3. The animated technique, and partly the plot, is reminiscent of films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the newest Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. The mystery intrigue is the background to the friendship relationship between Cip and Dale but it is really enjoyable and the villain has a plan that is not at all trivial
  4. The film offers points of reflection on the evolution of animation both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of film production over the years. This theme will be of greater interest to fans of cartoons and animation in general
  5. There are so many cameos and references to the history of cinema and animation that you will have to watch the film in slow motion to see them all.

Chip and Dale Special Agents is truly a successful nostalgia operation, which aims to update an abandoned franchise too soon.

Where to see in streaming Cip and Dale Special Agents

Chip and Dale Special Agents is available on Disney +


Is Chip and Dale Special Agents a movie or a series?

Chip and Dale Special Agents is both a late 80s series and a film made in 2022. The film is a sequel that can be seen even without having watched the animated series

Is Chip and Dale Special Agents a cartoon?

The film Cip e Dale Agenti Speciali is a feature film made with live-action parts and computer-animated parts

Is Chip and Dale Special Agents suitable for children?

The Chip and Dale Special Agents movie available on Disney + is not banned but is recommended by the streaming service for children aged 9 and over



An old-fashioned mystery thriller that plays on clichés, entertains and traces decades of cinematic animation. A must see with the whole family.

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