Boris 4: everything you need to know about the new season

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Boris 4 cover: everything you need to know about the new season

Boris: The Italian off series, is a TV series that has managed to enter the hearts of many viewers and leave an indelible mark: in its simplicity it was also original and never banal, because it touched the right chords through real themes present in the daily life of the television world. And she managed to do it with a pungent irony that at the same time also knows how to make you think. Precisely because of its uniqueness in the genre it probably deserved to be more long-lived; but finally after a long wait, Boris got a new season.

Everything we know about Boris season XNUMX. This article is constantly updated.


Boris Boris A satire that tells the behind the scenes of the fiction "The eyes of the heart 2", showing the wild lives and misadventures of its actors. Open tab

Boris plot 4

On June 24, 2022, Disney + announced the list of new titles coming to Star, including the fourth season of Boris 4 with its synopsis that you can read below:

Originally set in the backstage of a low budget Italian series, entitled "The eyes of the heart", the fourth season will tell the return of the historic troupe on a set. In the meantime, however, the world and television have changed. Social media, influencers and various streaming platforms dictate the law. How will our protagonists face this New World?

The TV series Boris returns to the small screen after twelve years of absence. In the plot of the fourth season of Boris essentially the same thing happens, because the various actors and professionals of the sector find themselves having to deal with the world of entertainment that is no longer what they left over a decade ago. The digital age has prevailed on all communication channels, especially through social media and streaming services, as reported by the same synopsis of Boris 4. Consequently it will be a great challenge for the protagonists not only to face this new reality, but also to succeed to produce content that can match the environment around them.

On October 7, 2022, Disney + shared more information about the Boris 4 storyline:

Stanis and Corinna got married and founded a production company together, through which they are putting together a new fiction entitled Life of Jesus, where clearly they will be the protagonists. René Ferretti and all the old troupe of Gliocchi del cuore return to the scene to realize this new project, together with the production of Lopez who, after retiring, created his own label QQQ (Quality, Quality, Quality). 

Boris Trailer 4

Below are the videos Disney + shared on Boris' fourth season.

First teaser

During a press conference on February 16, 2021, Disney Studios announced the launch of the Star section for the Disney + streaming service. On that occasion between the various titles Disney Studios has revealed the arrival of Boris 4 with a short teaser, also shared in the official Instagram profile of Francesco Pannofino, one of the main protagonists of the TV series Boris.

In the video in question, Pannofino is seen again in the role of René Ferretti, the role he plays in Boris' TV series, while he is talking animatedly on the phone with some colleagues: in the conversation he denies the possible return to the scene on his part because he is not there. is no project in the pipeline. The teaser is clearly ironic, as it is shown precisely to promote the arrival of the fourth season of Boris.


Second teaser

On September 26, 2022, Disney + published a teaser / trailer on its official social networks in which three actors from the cast announce the return of Boris one month after the release date of the fourth season.


First official trailer

On October 7, 2022, Disney + released the first real trailer for Boris 4.

Third teaser

On October 19, 2022 Disney + shared another short teaser where some of the protagonists point out that there is only a week left for Boris to return.


The images of Boris 4

During the Disney Studios conference on February 16, 2021, in addition to announcing the return of Boris and launching a short teaser about it, Disney Studios also shared a first photo which portrays the main cast of Boris' fourth season. Just as it happened for the teaser, some of the protagonists shared this content: among many, the photo is also visible in the official Instagram profile of Francesco Pannofino.


The cast of Boris 4

For the fourth season of Boris, the original cast of the series returns along with a few new entrants. Unfortunately, there will be no known faces Roberta Fiorentini, who played Itala, as the actress passed away on October 23, 2019.

Here is the complete list of the actors who make up the cast of Boris 4 flanked by the name of their character:

Main characters

  • Francesco Pannofino - René Ferretti, the director
  • Caterina Guzzanti - Arianna Dell'Arti, the assistant director
  • Carlo De Ruggieri - Lorenzo, the slave intern
  • Alberto Di Stasio - Sergio, the production delegate
  • Ninni Bruschetta - Duccio Patanè, the director of photography
  • Pietro Sermonti - Stanis La Rochelle, the star
  • Corrado Guzzanti - Mariano Giusti, actor / Father Gabrielli, priest
  • Carolina Crescentini - Corinna Negri, the star
  • Antonio Catania - Diego Lopez, the network delegate
  • Alessandro Tiberi - Alessandro, the intern
  • Paolo Calabresi - Augusto Biascica, the chief electrician
  • Cecilia Dazzi - Ana Canestri, actress
  • Karin Proia - Karin, actress
  • Andrea Purgatori - Kalemzuck lawyer
  • Massimiliano Bruno - Nando Martellone, comedian
  • Lucio Patanè - Drogatello / Loser actor
  • Luca Amorosino - Alfredo, the assistant director
  • Eugenia Costantini - Cristina Avola Burkstaller, actress
  • Giorgio Tirabassi - Glauco, director of photography who occasionally replaces Ferretti 
  • Jerri Mastrodomenico - Filippo, the sound engineer
  • Valerio Aprea - Screenwriter 1
  • Massimo De Lorenzo - Screenwriter 2
  • Andrea Sartoretti - Screenwriter 3 
  • Angelica Leo - Fabiana Hassler, actress and daughter of René

New entrances 

  • Giordano De Plano - Carlo the set designer  
  • Giuseppe Piromalli - Uncle Michele
  • Andrea Lintozzi - Fabio, the intern
  • Alessio Praticò - Angelo, actor
  • Emma Lo Bianco - Allison Daltman, the manager of the platform
  • Raffaele Buranelli - Furio, the camera operator
  • Edoardo Pesce - Tatti Barletta, actor
  • Giulia Anchisi - Giulia, undercover inspector
  • Astrid Casali - Laura, the backstagist
  • Nina Torresi - Manuela, the editing secretary
  • Aurora Calabresi - Lalla, the intern
  • Cristina Pellegrino - Elisabetta, the social media manager
  • Maurizio Pepe - Mario, the machinist

How many episodes of Boris are there 4

Unlike the first three seasons of the series which all consisted of fourteen episodes, Boris' fourth season includes eight episodes lasting 33-34 minutes. The episodes were written and directed once again by Giacomo Ciarrapico and Luca Vendruscolo, this time unfortunately without the collaboration of his colleague and friend. Mattia Torre, passed away on 19 July 2019.

Where and when to see Boris 4

Boris 4 is available from Wednesday 26 October 2022 in the Disney + catalog in the Star section of the platform, where there are already the first three seasons of Boris added to the catalog on 25 June 2022. Disney + is also visible on Sky Q and via the application on the Now Smart Stick.

On October 7, 2022, Disney + shared the official Boris 4 key art.

disney studios
Boris 4 - Key art

The shooting of Boris 4

Filming for Boris' fourth season began in Rome on October 4, 2021 and ended on December 16 of the same year, as stated in a post by Arianna dell'Arti, assistant director of the show.
As happened for the first three seasons of the series, also the production of Boris 4 is always curated by Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment, a company of the Fremantle group. While Giacomo Ciarrapico and Luca Vendruscolo again scripted and directed the episodes, also covering the role of late colleague Mattia Torre. The announcement of the shooting was made by Disney + in the official Instagram profile on October 5, 2021 and was also shared by some cast members, including Caroline Crescentini as can be seen below from his Twitter profile:

Boris development 4

The Italian original series Boris was a great success on TV, so much so that after the conclusion of the third season in 2010, fans have repeatedly clamored for his return to the scene. An online petition was also launched in 2020 su Change.Org to move from words to deeds and convince those in duty to follow up on Boris: the collection of signatures has reached almost 6.500 participants before concluding; and managed to stir things up, because in 2021 the long-awaited fourth season of Boris was finally announced. Several cast members supported by sharing the petition on their social media to spread it as much as possible, but also to plead the cause themselves at the forefront.

Also in 2020 the producer Lorenzo Mieli had in turn expressed the will of make a short series with all the characters of Boris, to pay homage to the original show. However, there was no lack of difficulties between the inconveniences deriving from the pandemic emergency and the premature death of the author Mattia Torre. The first official confirmation of Boris' return was given by the actor Alberto Di Stasio, who plays production director Sergio Vannucci in the series: Di Stasio guest on a live broadcast on Twitch, said that preparations were underway to return to the set in the early summer months of 2021. 

Boris' first three seasons 

Boris: The Italian non-series, which aired for three seasons from 2007 to 2010, can be defined as a TV series within another TV series. In fact, the plot tells the behind-the-scenes de The Eyes of the Heart 2, a fiction that must be produced by the troupe of director Renè Ferretti. However, this is a mediocre project on which as many quite incapable workers in the sector work; and therefore there can be problems in completing something that essentially one is not able to do.

Paradoxically, this is Boris's strong point, because it lays bare a common reality of the entertainment world, revealing even the most gory and uncomfortable background of an environment of this type. A genuine and straightforward narrative, that made the Boris series a real cult of Italian television.

Boris: the movie 

Boris - The movie Boris - The movie The characters of the well-known Italian television series arrive on the big screen. This time struggling with the realization of a film. Open tab  

One year after the conclusion of the third season of Boris, on 1 April 2011 it is distributed in Italian cinemas Boris - The movie. A film produced by the same authors of the TV series and starring most of the cast members, which was initially supposed to be released on November 20, 2010. 

The plot sees one of the main protagonists, René Ferretti, again played by Francesco Pannofino, again involved in yet another project that will later turn out to be a rip-off. After deciding to retire from the scene due to the usual misunderstandings with Lopez, the delegate of the television network for which Ferretti works, is contacted and persuaded by his friend Sergio to take part in a best-seller of investigation, of which the latter has the rights. In doing so, René will cut ties with most of his old troupe, but in the end this elusive best seller will never see the light of a series of cheats made by Lopez himself; who to save shack and puppets will convert the film in question into a cinepanettone, which ironically will also be a great success. René embittered by the way things have turned out and also disappointed by the reactions of the public, will end up reuniting with his old crew and will return again to the job that he had abandoned.

In 2011 Boris - The film won a Nastro d'Argento and a Ciak d'oro thanks to the interpretation of Carolina Crescentini as best supporting actress, in the role of Corinna Negri.

Boris 4, all you need to know about the new season: continuously updated article.

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