Batman: all the films in the saga (and the order in which to watch them)

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Batman cover: all the films in the saga (and the order in which to watch them)

Batman, or rather the bat man, the dark knight, or more simply Bruce Thomas Patrick Wayne. An icon of the world of comics from which even the cinema can never stay too far: once one batman is finished, he makes another.

His reading begins in a printed edition in 1939: the Bat Man makes his debut in number 27 of Detective Comics magazine, after being conceived by his dads Bob Kane e Bill Finger. Being "the greatest detective in the world" is therefore a characteristic and distinctive trait of the character since his beginnings, which only in his incarnation of 2022 has become central to the cinema as well.


Since its first screen appearance in 1966, the filmic Batman has stood out for the action component, with plots full of chases and opponents to defeat. Over the years it has taken on the tones of gothic, kitsch, camp, noir and the most extreme realism, which have almost stripped it of its superhero component.

20th Century Fox
Batman, played by Adam West

Whatever the version, there remain a few fixed points, the hinge around which the character rotates. One of them is the murder of the two parents by a robber, which triggered the event lust for justice of revenge of the dark knight of Gotham City. Another supporting element is the considerable wealth of his family, which make Batman the prince of Gotham, but also a public figure who must hide his nocturnal inclinations.

Batman in theaters: all films in order of viewing

First appearing in a feature film in 1966, Batman stars today from beyond ten live-action movies, numerous animated films and television series, not to mention the vast parterre of video games dedicated to the character, with the popular Rocksteady titles.

After Tim Burton's gothic beginnings and the infamous Batman with George Clooney, the release of the trilogy signed by Christopher Nolan, from 2005 to 2012, confirmed the public's love for the Dark Knight. The reboot curated by Matt Reeves, based on noir tones and starring Robert Pattinson, seems to set the character for a new decade of popularity.

Here all movies starring the bat man and the order in which to watch all the films.

Batman (1966)

Original title: Batman: The Movie
Film script: Lorenzo Simple Jr.
Directed by: Leslie H Martinson
Duration: 105 minutes


In the 60s of the last century, Batman was the protagonist above all with one successful television series, broadcast from 1966 to 1968. The tones used were certainly different from what today's audiences expect. In addition to the bright colors and catchy music theme, Batman and Robin defeated their enemies to the sound of "Pow!", "Bam!", "Blap!" and other onomatopoeic sounds which then entered the collective imagination. In more complex cases, the superhero did not disdain even performing some dance steps:

In the wake of the smash hit of the TV series, Batman landed on the big screen. The first batman in the cinema was therefore Adam West (former star of the TV counterpart) with Burt Ward playing his young assistant, Robin.

In the movie Batman and Robin have to thwart criminal plans of Joker (Cesar Romero), the Penguin (Burgess Meredith), the Riddler (Frank Gorshin) and Catwoman (Lee Meriwether). Their plan is quite ambitious: to conquer the United Nations congress.

Il "Dynamic duo", eventually, he will be able to cope with the threat, defeating various enemies.

Batman's Motion Picture Anthology

Batman (1989)


Original title: Batman
Film script: Sam Hamm, Warren Skaaren
Directed by: Tim Burton
Duration: 121 minutes

More than twenty years after Batman's cinematic debut, the signed chapter arrives Tim Burton. The cast is stellar: in addition to Batman, played by Michael KeatonKim Basinger (Vicki Vale) and above all also found space Jack Nicholson, with an iconic interpretation of the Joker. The film was awarded the 1990 Oscars for Best Production Design, and kicked off a film cycle that will conclude in 1997, featuring Batman & Robin.

The plot sees the mayor of Gotham City celebrating the city's XNUMXth anniversary. In the most infamous streets, however, a dark character, called Batman, begins to get noticed, who defeats the criminals and delivers them to the police. Young reporter Vicki Vale begins to investigate, and while she begins a relationship with billionaire Bruce Wayne, who lives in a large mansion with his butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Batman's opponent is Jack napier, right-hand man of Mafia boss Carl Grissom. After a fight with the Batman, Napier falls into a vat of toxic waste. Believed dead, he will instead return to the scene under the name of Joker.

This leads to the inevitable clash between Batman and Joker, which will end with the Dark Knight's victory. 

Batman Returns (1992)

Original title: Batman Returns
Film script: Daniel Waters, Wesley Strick
Directed by: Tim Burton
Duration: 126 minutes

Three years later, Tim Burton returns to propose his personal vision of the bat man with Batman - The Return, a film from particularly dark and gothic atmospheres, capable of recording a great success with the public. In the cast shone the interpretations of Danny DeVito (the Penguin) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman / Selina Kyle).

Wearing the role of Batman was again Michael Keaton, who in a 2017 interview confessed that he had also played an important role in the adaptation of the script.

The plot introduces the viewers to the spouses Tucker and Ester Cobblepot, parents of a particularly violent and deformed son. Worried about the impact the little one might have on their reputation, they decide to throw him into the Gotham City river. The child is found by the underground penguin community.

About thirty years pass, and the newspapers are filled with articles about a mysterious penguin man. As if that weren't enough, the Red Triangle gang devastates Gotham with ferocity and violence. The young woman is awkward Selina KyleMeanwhile, he uncovers the criminal plans of his boss, industry tycoon Max Shreck, who aims to build a power plant to steal energy from Gotham. Shreck, however, eliminates Selina, throwing her out of a window. The girl, surrounded by a pack of ravenous stray cats, comes back to life and, in a clearly altered state, prepares to transform into Catwoman:

In all this, Batman manages to defeat the gang of the Red Triangle and clashes with Catwoman, engaged in her personal crusade against Shreck. This leads to the final duel between the dark knight and the Penguin, who dies by drowning in the toxic waters. Catwoman gets her revenge by killing Shreck, but refusing to approach Batman, who had proposed to end her double life. 

Batman Forever (1995)

Original title: Batman Forever
Film script: Lee Batchler, Janet Scott Batchler, Akiva Goldsman
Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Duration: 117 minutes

Two years after Batman - The Return, the Batman returned to appear on the big screen. The changes were many: the alternation of directing between Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher it also led to a substantial break with the plots of the two previous films. Big changes were also recorded in the cast: Batman, now, was played by Val Kilmer, formerly known for Top Gun, while Nicole Kidman played Chase. The two main villains were Tommy Lee Jones (Two-Face / Harvey Dent) and Jim Carrey (Riddler / Edward Nigma). The coexistence on the set between the two, apparently, was decidedly problematic, according to the words of Carrey.

The film begins with Batman fighting a new criminal, Two faces, former district attorney gone mad after being disfigured by mafia boss Salvatore Maroni. Meanwhile, a brilliant employee of the Wayne Corporation, Edward Nigma, proposes a project to Bruce, with which it would be possible to appropriate another person's brain abilities. Wayne, however, refuses. Irritated, Nigma kidnaps his colleague, steals his intellect and kills him.

In an escalation of threats and violence, Nigma begins to become known as theRiddler. The villain teams up with Two-Face, and the two manage to discover Batman's secret identity. After doing this, they head to the Batcave, inside which Bruce was ready to reveal his identity to his fiancée, Chase. The couple is interrupted by the criminals, and from here the final confrontation begins.

In the end, Batman will manage to save both Chase and Robin, who in the meantime had intervened to fight against the two criminals. Two-Face will be out of the game, knocked out of his own trap, as the Riddler will go out of his mind, and will be locked up in the Arkham Asylum.

Batman & Robin (1997)

Original title: Batman & Robin
Film script: Akiva Goldsman
Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Duration: 120 minutes

One of the most controversial cinecomics in the history of cinema. A film for which its director, Adam Schumacher, over 20 years later, still feels the need to apologize to his audience. There is no doubt that Batman & Robin is a film with one decidedly peculiar story, a unique case in the list of films dedicated to the dark knight.

Yet, the conditions for success were all there. Starting with the cast, where Michael Gough was present for the fourth time in a row, as Alfred Pennyworth, and Pat Hingle, called to impersonate Commissioner James Gordon. Instead, he changed the lead actor, as Batman now had the features of George Clooney. But it didn't end there: Chris O'Donnell was Robin, while Alicia Silverstone played the role of Batgirl. Finally, the luxury villains were Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr. Freeze / Victor Fries) and Uma Thurman (Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley), joined by Jeep Swenson (Bane, in the Italian version Flagello).

The film opens with Batman and Robin engaged in defeat Mr Freeze, former Olympic champion and Nobel laureate researcher who was the victim of a laboratory accident. His only goal is to build a freezing weapon capable of saving his wife Nora, who suffers from MacGregor syndrome.

Meanwhile, in South America, Woodrue, an employee of Wayne Enterprises, tries to carry out research on the poisons of colleague Pamela Isley. His goal is to create Poison, a substance capable of transforming a simple recruit into a super soldier. Pamela, however, discovers her plans, and is suffocated with chemicals and poisons. The girl survives, but at a great cost: she is now poisonous, lethal, and above all in search of revenge. Renamed Poison Ivy, kills his colleague, and decides to pour out his hatred on Bruce Wayne, who had funded research on poisons. What was once a docile scientist, moreover, she allies herself with Bane, born Antonio Diego, a life sentence on whom Woodrue had tested an early version of the poison.

However, Alfred also suffers from MacGregor syndrome. Close to death, the man leaves his niece, Barbara, a CD in which the identity of Batman and Robin is revealed, as well as a costume. The girl wears it, and she thus assumes the identity of Batgirl.

The film's ending sees Batman fight Freeze and win. The criminal is locked up in the Arkham asylum, and undaunted continues his search to save his wife. A similar fate falls to Poison Ivy, who is still plotting revenge.

Finally, Alfred escapes death thanks to the antidote that Freeze gives to Batman. Barbara, on the other hand, chooses to continue to fight crime along with Robin and the Batman.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Batman Begins (2005)

Original title: Batman Begins
Film script: Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Duration: 140 minutes

The new era of Batman sees an even darker and more tormented hero, engaged in an eternal fight against evil, in order to defeat the demons that rage in Gotham, but also those who occupy his mind. A film in which fear plays a predominant role, full of moments and phrases to remember, which is immediately appreciated by the general public.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the new course of the bat man sees Christian Bale as Batman. The cast also includes Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), Liam Neeson (Ra's al Ghul / Henri Ducard), Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes) and Gary Oldman (James Gordon). One of the main villains, the Scarecrow, is played by Cillian Murphy instead.

The film begins by lingering on Bruce Wayne, locked up in a prison in Bhutan, Asia. During his imprisonment he makes the acquaintance of Henri Ducard, aide of Ra's al Ghul, the leader of the Sect of Shadows. Bruce, once released from prison, chooses to start a hard training that will lead him to master the martial arts. Once back in Gotham, he finds Rachel Dawes, assistant district attorney who has to deal with the power of the boss Falcone.

Bruce, meanwhile, also has to contend with Bill Earle, who in his absence ruthlessly headed the family business, Wayne Enterprises. Thanks to the equipment provided by Lucius fox, and with the help of the butler Alfred, Bruce becomes Batman, and begins to terrorize Gotham's thugs.

Here, psychiatrist Jonathan Crane enters the scene, who goes to prison to find the boss Falcone, previously captured by the police. Crane, with the help of a powerful drug and the mask from Scarecrow, drives Falcone crazy, and kidnaps Rachel, who ends up locked up in the Arkham asylum, only to be rescued by Batman.

The twist comes during Bruce's birthday party, where he meets Henri Ducard, who turns out to be the real Ra's al Gul, intent on cleaning up Gotham and its corruption. The terrorist sets Bruce's mansion on fire, but Bruce escapes and, once back on the scene as Batman, confronts his former mentor in the final battle. The latest threat takes the form of a bomb, placed on an elevated train that crosses the whole city, and headed for the water plant, which in the meantime has been filled with poisonous gas. The plan is clear: if the train arrives at its destination, all of Gotham will be covered with a lethal cloud.

Bruce then confronts Ras again, who this time ends up succumbing. The protagonist, after saving Gotham, entrusts the control of the company to Lucius Fox, but a new enemy is already looming on the horizon: Joker.

The Dark Knight (2008)

Original title: The Dark Knight

Film script: Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Duration: 152 minutes

A film that has undoubtedly left its mark in the collective imagination, both for its story and for the sad story of Heath Ledger, an actor who died just after filming ended. Ledger brings to the stage a completely renewed Joker, far from the interpretation of Jack Nicholson and totally immersed in the part of the dangerous enemy of Batman. So involved that, Christian Bale recalls, Ledger actually asked to be shot in his face during the now well-known scene of the interrogation bat man:

In the cast, in addition to Ledger and Bale, return Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. Rachel Dawes, on the other hand, is brought on stage this time by Maggie Gyllenhaal, while Aaron Eckhart plays Harvey Dent.

Batman's arrival seems to have brought a wave of legality to Gotham. The role of the district attorney Harvey Dent, also supported by Bruce, becomes more and more prominent, while the hunt for the dangerous boss Salvatore Maroni continues.

Here comes Joker: after robbing a bank, he appears at a meeting of the city bosses, proposing the death of Batman as the only solution to their problems. After the initial skepticism, Joker puts his plan into action, aimed at bringing out the Dark Knight. The criminal's trail of blood also reaches Mayor Garcia, who is saved by Sergeant Gordon, who dies in an attempt to protect the mayor.

Dent, ally of the bat man, publicly claims to be Batman, and surrenders himself to the police. Joker attempts to destroy the armored vehicle that transports him to the penitentiary, but in doing so he is chased and faced by the real Batman, or Bruce Wayne, who attracts Joker and manages to capture him thanks to Gordon, who had only faked his death.

Joker, harshly questioned by Batman, reveals the whereabouts of Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes, kidnapped by the mafia. Things, however, do not go as planned. Dent, rescued by Batman, pays a heavy price, as the warehouse where he was locked up explodes, causing the man a burn in the left half of the face. Even worse is Rachel's fate, who dies in the explosion of the warehouse where she was locked up. But that's not all: Joker, disguised as a nurse, goes to Dent's bedside, furious at the accident, and manages to convince him to take justice for himself. This is how man becomes the supervillain Two faces.

With the help of a device designed by Lucius Fox, Batman is able to track down Joker, atop a skyscraper under construction. The criminal is captured and handed over to the police, but the Batman has another problem to deal with: Two-Face. What once was blameless Harvey Dent is now a criminal thirsting for revenge, who attempts to kill Gordon's son. Batman, however, intervenes in time, eliminating once and for all what until recently was an ally of him.

The last gesture of the masked hero is that of take the blame for the murders of Two Faces, who in the meantime had killed the boss Maroni and the corrupt policemen Wuertz and Ramirez. Hunted by the police, and with an image completely destroyed, Batman manages to defeat the Joker, and not tarnish the name of Harvey Dent, a symbol of hope. All this, however, at a very expensive price.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Original title: The Dark Knight Rises
Film script: Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Duration: 164 minutes

2012 is the year that marks the arrival of the third and final act of the Christopher Nolan trilogy dedicated to Batman. A film with an enigmatic ending, which by the will of the British director concludes the parable of the dark knight, which instead could have continued with a fourth chapter.

In addition to Christian Bale, Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth), Gary Oldman (James Gordon) and Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) return. The new entries are for the characters of Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), bane (Tom Hardy) and Miranda (Marion Cotillard).

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, a new threat looms over Gotham City. Bruce Wayne has permanently retired from public life, as has Batman.

During a mission to recover a missing congressman, Commissioner James Gordon is captured by the henchmen of Bane, a mercenary who wears a special respirator. During Gordon's search, the criminal finds a piece of paper on which a speech is written. In the text we read not only of Batman's true identity, but also of the fact that the murders for which he is guilty were actually committed by Harvey Dent.

Wayne Enterprises, meanwhile, is not having a good time. As if that were not enough, the businessman John Daggett, with the help of the thief Selina Kyle, manages to get Bruce's prints, and hatch a millionaire scam. Bane, who turns out to be paid by Daggett, attacks the stock exchange, finishing off the plan against Wayne.

Batman is then ready to take the field again, but this time without Alfred Pennyworth, who decides to leave the Wayne mansion rather than help Bruce again. Meanwhile, Daggett is killed by Bane, who shortly after, in league with Selina, sets a trap for Batman. The clash between the two sees the Batman succumb, and it is here that Bane reveals his plan: to give new life to the Batman. Sect of Shadows. Bruce, defeated, is confined to a well, along with other prisoners.

Bane, free from all impediments, tells the citizens of Gotham that any attempt to leave the city will cause the detonation of very strong explosives and a nuclear reactor. The mercenary thus starts his personal revolution, where power is in the hands of criminals, while wealthy citizens are brought before a court, chaired by Jonathan Crane, where they are sentenced without trial.

After five months, Batman manages to get out of the well, and returns to Gotham. The new fight with Bane this time sees him the winner, but there is a twist. In fact, Miranda intervenes, who turns out to be Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra's, intent on avenging her father. Bane, however, is killed by Selina, while Gordon deactivates the detonator from a distance.

Batman pursues Talia in an attempt to stabilize the explosives, and the woman is fatally injured, but not before damaging the fusion chamber, making it unstable. Batman then he chooses to sacrifice himself, and to take the bomb with them out of Gotham Bay. Gordon tries to get Bruce to reveal his true identity to him, and the commissioner finally figures out who's behind the mask. Batman gets as far away as possible before the explosion.

Batman's death becomes public. Bruce's mansion becomes an orphanage while John Blake, a police officer who had helped Batman during the fight with Bane, manages to infiltrate the Batcave. It turns out here that his full name is Robin John Blake, and in Bruce's absence he'll continue his fight against crime.

But that's not all, because Alfred, in the last scene of the film, observes Bruce from afar in the company of Selina, finally happy and free to live a normal life.

The films of the DC Extended Universe

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Original title: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Film script: Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer
Directed by: Zack Snyder
Duration: 153 minutes

Batman's new course sees him at the center of theDC cinematic universe. The prime example of this new era is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which for the first time Ben Affleck plays the role of the Dark Knight. To support him there are, among others, Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Jesse Isenberg (Lex Luthor) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman).


In the film, the world has to contend with the arrival of Superman. Many consider him a threat, and among them is Bruce Wayne, who has been fighting crime in Gotham City for 20 years. But the hero of Krypton does not stand by and watch: under the identity of Clark Kent, he works to unmask Batman, considered too brutal. Do not miss Lex Luthor, who after finding some fragments of kryptonite, is intent on defeating Superman.

A short time later he also enters the scene Wonder Woman, who gives Bruce some files stolen from Lex. This is where Batman discovers that both she and Superman are metahumans, and decides to steal Lex's kryptonite. Later, in a dream, Batman has a vision of a dystopian future, where legions of villains loyal to Superman wreak havoc, and the Kryptonian himself is revealed to be evil in nature. Awakening, the Batman receives a visit from The Flash, who confirms that what he saw in his dream of him is not a fantasy, but the future in which Superman has gone mad due to the death of Lois Lane. Batman has no doubts: he must fight against the man of steel.

Superman is summoned to Congress, which must decide whether he is a threat or not. Lex, though, blows up the building and kills those present, disguising the incident as a terrorist attack by Wayne Enterprises. The blame, however, falls on Superman, guilty of not having noticed the presence of the device. Distraught, the Kryptonian chooses to retire from the scene.

But the scenario changes again: Batman, with a new kryptonite-based armor, prepares to face Superman, who is being blackmailed by Lex. Either he fights the Batman, or his mother will be killed. This leads to the clash between the two superheroes. Superman is stronger, but Batman manages to use kryptonite to his advantage. Ultimately, Batman appears to have the upper hand, but Superman begs the Dark Knight to save his mother, Martha. The sentence upsets Bruce, who was unaware of Lex's blackmail. Also thanks to the help of Lois Lane, Batman realizes that Superman is not an enemy.

It does not end there: Superman, recovered from the fight, reaches the lair of Lex, who shows him the terrible monster he created, called Doomsday. The creature, out of control, attempts to kill Lex himself, but is stopped by Superman. Seeing no other possibility, Jor-El's son chooses to sacrifice himself and, thanks to the kryptonite made by Batman, kills Doomsday, but is mortally wounded.

At Superman's funeral, Bruce is joined by Wonder Woman, who proposes to the Batman that he join other metahumans to defend the earth.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Original title: Suicide Squad
Film script:  David Ayer
Directed by: David Ayer
Duration: 122 minutes

Batman returns to the screen with Suicide Squad, although not as the main character. In fact, it is the bad guys who steal the show. Joker, played by Jared Leto, is joined by Harley Queen by Margot Robbie, as well as by Will Smith, who brings Deadshot to the stage.

After Superman's death, the government agent Amanda waller brings together the Suicide Squad, a group of super-villains who are tasked with carrying out the most dangerous operations. Each squad member is implanted with an explosive capsule in their neck, in case they want to escape or go against their mission.

In all of this, Batman enters the scene on a few specific occasions. In the first he stops Deadshot, in the second he gets the better of Harley Queen.

The most interesting moment comes after the credits, when Bruce meets up with Agent Waller. Wayne agrees to protect the woman, as long as she shares the information the government has about her metahumans. The agreement, however, is rather fragile, and to the insinuations of Waller, who has understood that what he has in front of him is Batman, the character portrayed by Ben Affleck responds sharply:

And she closes the shop. Or my friends and I will do it for you.

Batman's friends, unsurprisingly, are members of the Justice League

Justice League (2017)

Original title: Justice League
Film script: Chris Terrio, Joss Whedon
Directed by: Zack Snyder
Duration: 120 minutes

Ben Affleck returns for the third time to take on the role of the bat man in Justice League, a film also remembered for the bizarre "mustache-gate" involving Henry Cavill. The cast finds many well-known faces from the two previous films. In addition to Affleck, there are in fact the aforementioned Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), as well as Jason Momoa, who plays the role of Aquaman. Ciarán Hinds, on the other hand, is the fearsome Steppenwolf.

The plot begins by talking about Steppenwolf, who together with his army of parademons in the past attacked the Earth in an attempt to increase its power. Aided by the disappearance of Superman, Steppenwolf now decides to return to Earth. To face them are Wonder Woman and Batman, who had already had the opportunity to defeat a parademon in Gotham City. It is Bruce himself who suggests that the heroine recruit other metahumans. Among these are Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and Arthur Curry, known as Acquaman. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, approaches Victor Stone, the Cyborg.

For Batman, however, one piece is still missing. It is about Superman, which is brought back to life. The hero from Krypton, however, does not remember who he is, and starts attacking his friends. Lois Lane's intervention brings Superman to his senses, and he returns to his hometown Smallville.

This leads to the final battle, where the heroes manage to defeat Steppenwolf. Everything is alright? Almost. In the second scene after the credits, in fact, we see Lex Luthor intent on escaping from the asylum in Arkham, and ready to hire the mercenary Deathstroke, in order to create a new group of supervillains.

Also noteworthy is the presence of some additional scenes starring Bruce in the alternate version of the film. Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021). You can find out more about it in this detailed evaluation of additional scenes from Snyder's Cut.

Batman (2022)

Original title: The Batman
Directed by: Matt Reeves
Duration: 179 minutes

In this incarnation to play Batman is Robert Pattinson, engaged in a complex investigation together with Commissioner Gordon (Andy Serkis). There will also be alongside him Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), this time in the role of an executioner cat woman and ready to right the wrongs of Gotham's rulers.

The main villain of the film is theRiddler by Paul Dano, but there are also the Penguin and Falcone portrayed as two criminal bosses in Gotham more corrupt than ever. Matt Reeves wanted to shoot a Batman noir, which would put his skills to good use as "the greatest detective in the world".

The film opens with the barbaric murder of the mayor of Gotham, in full re-election. Various clues are found at the crime scene e an envelope addressed to Batman, which has been trying to terrorize local crime for two years. Bruce collaborates with Gordon, without revealing his identity: he thus manages to visit the crime scenes involving various members of Gotham's society, who are accused by the killer, the Riddler, of having lied about the funds of the Wayne Foundation .

Murder after murder, the Riddler reveals to the city and Batman the dark side of the charitable foundation set up by his father years ago, just before he was assassinated.

The foundation is run in the shadows by Falcone and Penguin, who use it to divert funds and launder money. Falcone himself is "the winged rat" the Riddler is looking for, the witness who years ago made it possible to carry out a gigantic drug raid, artfully orchestrated to obtain the career advancement of the powerful who are being murdered.

Among the goals of the Riddler there is also Bruce, as the son of Thomas Wayne. The bombing attack at his expense fails, because Alfred is wounded. Meanwhile, Bruce discovers that his father had asked Falcone to silence a journalist who wanted to make public the mental instability of his wife Martha, often hospitalized in secret in the Arkham clinic. According to Falcone Thomas Wayne would have ordered the killing of the reporter, assassination that the gangster committed in order to blackmail the tycoon and candidate for mayor. According to Alfred, however, the journalist's death was the result of a misunderstanding and Thomas was killed by Falcone precisely to prevent him from confessing everything to the police. The real perpetrator of the murder of Bruce's parents remains in doubt (was it really Falcone?), As well as moral integrity gray of the protagonist's father.

In the finale of the film Batman manages to do capture the Riddler and has a heated confrontation with him in prison. Bruce thinks that the other has figured out his identity, but the Riddler is blinded by hatred for the Wayne scion and has not put together the clues available to him. His crazy final plan, however, goes through, despite Batman's efforts: the dam upstream of the city is made to collapse and the water engulfs the city, flooding it.

The fanatics recruited online by the Riddler try to make a massacre, but are stopped by Selina and Bruce, who also manage to save Gotham's new mayor. At the end we also discover that the Riddler's cell neighbor is Joker (Barry Keoghan). The Batman review.

The Batman The Batman When a killer targets Gotham's elite with a series of evil tricks, a trail of cryptic clues pushes the world's greatest detective to investigate ... Open tab

The next The Batman should be the sequel to the 2022 film and reunite with Robert Pattinson as Bruce. Warner Bros has not yet officially confirmed the project.

The order in which to watch Batman movies

By and large, the best way to watch Batman movies seems to be to follow the order of exit of the various films. The adventures of the bat man on the big screen, in fact, often start from different premises, with different stories and which would hardly be able to integrate with each other. Just think of the inclusion or not of Robin in the various films, the different versions of Catwoman (thief or employee), or the different forms that Joker has assumed during the adventures on the big screen.

Warner Bros.
The Batman lit up in red
Robert Pattinson as Batman

There is also to be considered the temporal aspect: considering that the Batman films have been published in a horizon that now covers over 50 years, it is undeniable to underline a certain difference in approaches, themes, characters and technologies used.

Therefore, wanting to follow chronological order release of the films starring Batman, and without considering the upcoming The Batman with Robert Pattinson, we would have the following list:

  • Batman (1966)

  • Batman (1989)

  • Batman Returns (1992)

  • Batman Forever (1995)

  • Batman & Robin (1997)

  • Batman Begins (2005)

  • The Dark Knight (2008)

  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

  • Suicide Squad (2016)

  • Justice League (2017)

  • Batman (2022)

The more attentive, however, might try to follow another path. Like the one suggested by Tech Times, which tried to reconstruct a sort of timeline of the adventures of the dark knight.

The first film, following this approach, would be Batman Begins, because it is capable of lingering like no other film on the origin of the Dark Knight, and on the motivations that led him to fight crime in Gotham. Continuing, one could include Batman 1989, with Michael Keaton, considered the first "modern" Batman. Robin is not included in the film, but a possible origin story of the Joker is presented.

To learn more about the history of the Penguin, however, you must contact Batman - The Return. This film would be placed after the 1989 film, but before Batman, from 1966. It is in this last project, with Adam West, that Robin is introduced, along with villains such as Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler and Catwoman . Generally speaking, it represents the central part of the timeline.

Warner Bros.
Batman and Robin in a scene from Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin
Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin

The story of Robin, and how Batman's aide enters the scene, is told in Batman Forever of 1997. Il dark Knight, instead, it is to be placed near the end of the timeline, because its story marks the end of the Joker's criminal career. The events of The Dark Knight - The Returnfinally, they take place almost ten years after the previous films, and therefore must be positioned at the end of the timeline. To close the circle are the three films of the DC universe trilogy, in particular Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where the batman now has twenty years of experience in fighting the criminals of Gotham and beyond.

This, therefore, would be the reconstructed chronological order taking origin stories as a reference of some of the main characters of Batman:

  • Batman Begins (2005)

  • Batman (1989)

  • Batman Returns (1992)

  • Batman (1966)

  • Batman (2020)

  • Batman Forever (1997)

  • The Dark Knight (2008)

  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

  • Suicide Squad (2016)

  • Justice League (2017)

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The Joker is the most loved villain according to a survey [LIST]

Joker is the most loved villain of all according to an American investigation, but with him there are also other interesting characters.
Author: Agnes Rodari ,
The Joker is the most loved villain according to a survey [LIST]

When they are given solid motivation and actors with flakes, i villain some stories may be more interesting to us than the protagonists themselves. Confirmation gives it The Loupe, which with an interesting survey carried out through Google Trends discovered the names of the most sought after antagonists on the web of the last 5 years, in America.

  1. Joker
  2. Hannibal Lecter
  3. Bane
  4. Calvin Candle
  5.  Alonzo Harris
  6. Hans landa
  7. Tyler Durden
  8. Amon Göth
  9. Doctor Octopus
  10. HAL 9000
  11. Thanos


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