Andrew Garfield investigates a real murder in the new TV series

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Cover by Andrew Garfield investigates a real murder in the new TV series

The Walt Disney Company released the first trailer for In the name of heaven, the new TV series starring Andrew Garfield alongside a stellar cast. In the Name of Heaven is an FX drama series inspired by Jon Krakauer's bestseller true crime, which chronicles the events that led to the murder of a mother, Brenda Wright Lafferty, and her 15-year-old daughter Erica. This tragedy actually took place in Utah and took place on July 24, 1984.


The trailer puts the chills and gives hope for an engaging and at the same time upsetting tale. Andrew Garfield once again seems able to steal the show, his performance already in the trailer seems to be at a high level, as he has accustomed us even with recent works such as The Eyes of Tammy Faye (available on Disney +) and Tick, Tick ... Boom! (available on Netflix).


In the name of heaven it develops in 7 episodes, which will be available in the Disney + Star subsection from the 27 July 2022.

Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man: No Way Home) plays detective Jeb Pyre, who as a devoted Mormon questions his own faith after seeing what happened to the Lafferty family. It's worth pointing out that the cast of In Heaven's Name is incredibly full of interesting names:

  • Sam worthington
  • Denise Gough
  • Wyatt russell
  • Billy Howle
  • Gil Birmingham
  • Adelaide Clemens
  • Rory culkin
  • Seth Nurich
  • Chloe Pirrie
  • Sandra seacat

The show is produced by, among others, Ron Howard for Image television and Jason Bateman for Aggregate Films. Dustin Lance Black is the author of the series and also the showrunner of In the Name of Heaven.

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In Heaven's Name - Andrew Garfield in the poster
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