All in the family, the actors in the cast of the series with Damon Wayans

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Do you remember the wacky and funny Kyle family? It's been 13 years since the last episode and the series #All in family we still have great memories. Michael Kyle, Janet, Junior, Claire, Kady and Franklin kept us company for 5 long seasons, between hilarious gags and profound teachings.

Far from wanting to associate the Kyle family with the more famous family Robinson, but there is no denying that both have left their mark on the world of "family run" sitcoms.


Both African American families faced social and cultural problems, from the 80s for the Robinsons and the early 2000s for the Kyle, in an ironic and paradoxical key.

All the events were in some way connected to the head of the family who often created equivocal situations, but who just as often found the solution.

Comparable or not, the two sitcoms have worked for a long time and All in the Family fans still wonder what happened after the last episode aired way back in 2005. Yes, because the series was suspended due to an excessive drop in ratings at the end. of the fifth season and the final episode left everyone unsatisfied as it was an open ending.

The episode entitled Vasectomy it centered on Michael's failed attempt to undergo the surgery. After various hilarious situations regarding this drastic solution, Janet had found the alternative to the problem by having her tubes tied.
Back from the hospital, however, Janet informed her husband that she had not been able to undergo the operation because she was pregnant.

After the big announcement, the curtain fell on the All in the family series, leaving some hope, which faded over the years, for a possible return of the Kyle family to the small screen. Nostalgia aside, we like to remember the protagonists of the series, the actors who played the Kyle on set and the most significant anecdotes of all seasons.

The cast of Everything in the family

  • Damon Wayans - Michael Kyle

The multifaceted artist Damon wayans, a member of the successful and successful Wayans family, in addition to being the creator of the series, he played the head of the family Michael Richard Kyle Senior for all 5 seasons.


Educative father and devoted husband, Michael has always put family first, striving to show his best every time. Sympathy, intelligence and patience are the peculiarities of the greatest of the Kyle that came out in every episode of Everything in the family.

Before the experience of All in the Family, the actor and comedian Damon Wayans had taken part in several films, one of them all The last boy scout alongside Bruce Willis.

He currently plays the role of Roger Murtaugh in the TV series Lethal Weapon inspired by the films with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

For the uninitiated, Damon is brother of Marlon and Shawn Wayans, which became famous thanks to the Scary Movie saga. And he is also the father of Damon Wayans Junior, the nice one Training by New Girl.

  • Tisha Campbell-Martin - Janet Marie "Jay" Kyle


Insecure, sometimes dissatisfied, but always loving and affectionate, the nice Janet Kyle has always been very much appreciated by the fans. To interpret the volcano of ideas Janet was the actress Tisha Campbell-Martin who made her debut in the cinema with the film La Bottega degli Orrori.

After the parenthesis Everything in the family there were no great turning points in his career apart from a few sporadic appearances and participation as the protagonist in the series The Protector.

  • George O. Gore II - Michael Kyle Jr.

Big head, sometimes a bit dull but with a giant heart, we are talking about the very nice Junior. The eldest son of the Kyle family has always been the protagonist of situations bordering on the absurd, and that is why he has always been one of the most loved characters by the public.


In constant contrast with his father in order to assert his independence and his abilities, Junior has always made a lot of trouble, but he has never shirked his responsibilities.

To interpret the "big headWas George O. Gore II, who had previously taken part in the popular New York Undercover series.

Despite his convincing performance, George's acting career did not take off at all and there is no longer any trace of him on the screen.

  • Jazz Raycole - Claire Kyle in the first season

The vain and rebellious Claire was played by Jazz Raycole only in the first season. She at the time she was still a girl struggling with the first crushes, but the interpretation of the role of her earned Jazz a decent career.

After a brief stint in the Kyle family, Jazz Raycole took part in series such as Jericho and The Soul Man.

  • Jennifer Freeman - Claire Kyle from second to last season

But Claire Kyle's face is certainly more attributable to that of the actress Jennifer Freeman. Beautiful, a little superficial and flashy, the tender Claire concludes her journey in the sitcom alongside the good and religious Tony.

Although Freeman has been playing the role of Claire Kyle for the longest time, this did not help her career, which was virtually nil from 2005 onwards.

  • Parker McKenna Posey - Kady Kyle

Kyle's little one, Kady, has always been sweet and loving. Loved by her father and a little less by her older sister, Kady was played for 5 seasons by Parker McKenna Posey.

With a craving for sweets and an admiration for Claire's style, little Kady has been the protagonist of numerous funny situations, above all because of the dispute between her father Michael and the know-it-all boyfriend Franklin.

The young Parker, at the time of Everything in the Family, was in her first television experience. After playing Kady Kyle, the American actress took part in several films such as Alice - A life upside down and in some TV series such as #Snowfall.

  • Noah Gray-Cabey - Franklin Aloisius Mumford

The very young Franklin Aloisius Mumford is not part of the Kyle family, and only takes over the series in the third season, but this character deserves to be mentioned.

Knowledgeable, cultured and often more mature than adults, Franklin becomes little Kady's romantic and caring suitor for the final 3 seasons of the series.

The attentions directed to the little Kyle house often arouse a kind of jealousy in Michael who never misses an opportunity to compete with "Baby son-in-law".

The role of Franklin was filled by a young man Noah Gray Cabey who, despite the secondary role, takes flight in the acting career.

Noah boasts film appearances with the film Lady in the Water, while on the small screen we have seen him exert his supernatural powers in the series. Heroes.

The most important events of Tutto in Famiglia

In the 123 episodes aired of the series there were some moments that have remained etched in the minds of the fans and that have determined the trend of the plot with the passing of the seasons.

  1. Surely the famous trip to Hawaii of the whole family was a first taste of what would happen next. In fact, during the holiday we witnessed the compulsive shopping of Claire and Kady which highlighted their vanity, and Junior's falling in love with a young local princess for which he was ready to stay on the island.
  2. Subscription toJanet University with the consequent evolution of the character, more mature and self-confident.
  3. The arrival of the Young Kyle's respective boyfriends and their relationship with Michael and Janet. Claire falls in love with the naive and respectful Tony who often confuses the head of the family with his ways. Junior marries the intriguing Vanessa, arousing the jealousy of her protective mother. And Kady lets herself be courted by the gallant and refined Franklin, entering into competition with Michael.
  4. The difficult and frightening relationship with the consu-in-law Calvin Scott. Vanessa's father, played by Lester Speight, is a big man overbearing and profiteering. He often exploits the fear he instills in Michael to gain advantages for himself, only to have to capitulate due to his excessive greed.
  5. The birth of Junior Juniors. The newest addition to the house Kyle, the son of Junior and Vanessa, is initially not accepted by the ousted Kady. Later the little one is loved by everyone especially for his "big head" of paternal inheritance.

In 5 years our protagonists have combined many, and who knows how many they would have done again if they had had the time of a few more seasons.

Unfortunately it is water under the bridge, but we will always remember the nice Kyle of Tutto in the family with their nice ballets and their family court.

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