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La second season of The Bridge promises to be a family affair: he joins the cast of the series Bruno Bichir, brother of Demian, detective Marco Ruiz in television fiction. Bruno will interpret a rich businessman mexican involved in some way with the character of the brother. However, as often happens in The Bridge, this tycoon will not really be who he claims to be.

It's not the first time the brothers have worked together, and the Bichir family is such an institution in their homeland that the category was established at the Mexican MTV Movie Awards. Best Bichir in a Movie.


"I couldn't be happier to work with my brother Demian again," commented Bruno, "I'm a huge fan of the show and it's a huge honor for me to be a part of it".

To see the two brothers in action on the set, we just have to wait for the season premiere of The Bridge 2, simultaneously worldwide from tomorrow 10 July at 21.00 on FoxCrime.

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