All Dragons from House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones

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In the TV series Game of Thrones there are three dragons hatched from eggs that Daenerys Targaryen has looked after: a real miracle, because, as explained in the plot, all dragons have been extinct for a very long time; therefore these are the only examples present in the series. Instead, in House of the Dragon, spin-off / prequel of Game of Thrones, you can see new dragons in the period before their extinction, as the plot is set two hundred years before the events narrated in the parent series.

In this regard, the co-showrunner of House of the Dragon Miguel Sapochnik, in an interview of 2 August 2022 that he had with the newspaper Empire, said in the first season of the spin-off nine of the seventeen dragons of House Targaryen will be shown. Without revealing in detail which are all the House of the Dragon dragons in question, Sapochnik explained that each specimen will have its own particular personality that will distinguish it from all the others.


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Dragons that appeared in the first season of House of the Dragon 


The dragons of House of the Dragon - Syrax
Rhaenyra Targaryen with her dragon Syrax

A huge female dragon with yellow scales, ridden by Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen who appears already in the first episode of the series. 


The dragons of House of the Dragon: Caraxes
Daemon Targaryen with his dragon Caraxes

A gigantic, slender male of red color, ridden by Daemon Targaryen who appears in the first episode of the series. Previously, his knight had been Prince Aemon Targaryen.  


The dragons of House of the Dragon: Seasmoke
Laenor Velaryon riding her Seasmoke

A very agile gray and silver male ridden by Laenor Velaryon who makes an appearance in the third episode of the series.


House of the Dragon - Vhagar Dragon
Laena Velaryon with her dragon Vhagar

Its name derives from a deity of ancient Valyria. She is a bronze colored female with green and blue undertones and green eyes, ridden by Laena Velaryon. After the latter's death, she is claimed by Aemond Targaryen. She appears in the sixth episode of the series.


House of the Dragon - Vermax Dragon
The dragon Vermax in the presence of his future knight Jacaerys

It is a male dragon that grows more and more imposing every year. Get nervous in winter weather and in the presence of ice or snow. In George RR Martin's novels, his coloring is not described, while in the House of the Dragon TV series he has a sand-colored coat with reddish scales and wings. His first and only knight is Jacaerys Velaryon. He first appears in the sixth episode of the series.


House of the Dragon - Dreamfyre dragon breathes fire
Dreamfyre breathing fire

An agile female dragon of blue color with silver wings, seen in passing in the sixth episode of the series, when it makes a blaze after Aemond goes to snoop in the Dragon Pit. Dreamfyre is assigned to Princess Helaena Targaryen, but in the first season of House of the Dragon she is never shown riding her dragon. Previously her knight had been Rhaena Targaryen.


House of the Dragon - The dragon Meleys
Rhaenys in flight riding Meleys

A specimen of an elderly but fierce female, with scarlet scales and shades of pink. She called "The Red Queen" she is ridden by Princess Rhaenys Targaryen. She appears in the ninth episode of the series.


House of the Dragon - Luke flies on his dragon Arrax
Lucerys Velaryon riding her dragon Arrax

A pearly white male with a yellow flame, with golden eyes and chest. He is five times smaller than Vhagar and is ridden by Lucerys Velaryon. He is shown in the tenth episode of the first season of the series.



House of the Dragon - Daemon facing the dragon Vermithor
Daemon tries to befriend Vermithor

An elderly but imposing and prodigious male, he is one of the largest dragons seen in all of Western Continent. Because of his chrome plating with bronze-colored scales and sand-colored wings, he is known as "The Bronze Fury". He is ridden by King Jaeherys I and he retires to live in the Dragonstone volcano after the death of his knight. He appears in the series XNUMX finale: Daemon sings him a song in Valyrian to try to make friends in order to use him in the war against the Greens.

Dragons not yet appeared in the House of the Dragon series


A splendid female specimen with cobalt blue wings, copper belly and blue scales like her blaze. She is ridden by Prince Daeron Targaryen and is known as "The Blue Queen".


A splendid golden male dragon said for this "Sun of Fire", is described in ancient scriptures as the most majestic specimen that has ever stolen the skies of the whole world. His knight is Aegon II Targaryen.


He is ridden by Joffrey Velaryon, the third son of Rhaenyra Targaryen, but grows slower than Vermax and Arrax, the dragons of Joffrey's older brothers. Although he manages to make short-range flights, he is not yet ready for combat during The Dance of the Dragons, the battle for the heir to the Iron Throne.

moon dancer

Pale green male specimen, with horns, crest and pearly wings. Lean and very fast, he is ridden by Baela Targaryen when the young woman is only fourteen and Moondancer is little bigger than a horse.


Female dragon with pink scales and black horns, ridden by Rhaena Targaryen.


A young dragon not yet ready for combat, which is only ridden by Aegon III Targaryen. 

Other Targaryen dragons and wild dragons

  • Morghul, dragon of Princess Jaehaera Targaryen but never ridden.
  • Shrykos she was related to Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen, but was never ridden.
  • Sheepstealers, another dragon that is also part of Dragonstone, but was only tamed and ridden by Nettles. A young bastard because she is of unknown origins, but with Valyrian descent.

Also in the Rock of the Dragon are also present Untamed wild dragons which Gray Ghost e Cannibal.

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Characteristics of dragons

The dragons of the world of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon are fickle creatures that they consciously choose who is worthy to ride them: the relationship they establish with their knight is like a pact of blood, which lasts forever as long as the two parties are both alive. If a knight dies his dragon can later accept a new master, as long as he is a descendant of Valyria; civilization located in the Eastern Continent of Essos and the only people who can ride such winged reptiles. I'm creatures who are deeply attached to humans who raise them and if well trained, they respond to voice commands; a type of relationship we saw in Game of Thrones with Daenerys Targaryen and as we will also see in House of the Dragon with other members of her family. Furthermore, the body of the dragons gives off a strong heat and their breath can even melt stone and steel.

Starting from birth they continue to grow throughout their existence, but there is no information on what the maximum size they can reach, nor to what age they can live. The longest-lived and most majestic dragon known is Balerion, ridden by Aegon Targaryen the Conqueror, who lived to be two hundred years old and died of natural causes. However, it appears that dragons raised in captivity develop less and slower than those raised in Dragon Pit, an area created by the Targaryens for their dragons, they never reached the size of their ancestors. It is possible that part of this story about the Targaryen-reared dragons will also be shown in House of the Dragon. 

The story of the Targaryen dragons

About two hundred years before Aegon Targaryen's struggles for conquest, his ancestors left the Valyrian Empire to land on the Western Continent of Westeros. In addition to being able to ride dragons, House Targaryen members are also capable of having premonitions (both qualities that we will also see in House of the Dragon). Precisely because of a night vision of Daenys - therefore called the dreamer - which foresees a terrible future disaster on Valyria, the Targaryen family leaves the Eastern Continent of Essos and settles in Dragonstone. During this exodus, the progenitor Aegon also brings two dragons with him, including Balerion and five eggs.

Twelve years after the Targaryen's departure, Valyria is truly struck by a terrible cataclysm in which all the inhabitants of the Empire and even their dragons lose their lives. As a result, the Targaryens are the last remaining Dragon Lords ever since some of these knights will be shown right in House of the Dragon along with their dragons.

During the rise of Aegon the Conqueror, there are three main dragons of the family used to fight the territory.

  • balerion called the Black Terror, Aegon's personal dragon. According to legend, the Iron Throne was forged with his fire.
  • vhagar female dragon ridden by Visenya, Aegon's elder sister / wife. 
  • Meraxes female dragon ridden by Rhaenys, Aegon's younger sister / wife. 

Daenerys dragons 

During her marriage to Khal Drogo, Daenerys received three dragon eggs as a gift from Illyrio Mopatis; a magister of Pentos, who hosted Daenerys and her brother Viserys when they are in exile after the overthrow of their family. According to Mopatis, the three eggs are from the Shadowlands beyond Asshai, but it is unclear how he obtained them, if there are others around or if he kept some for himself. The only certain thing is that after almost one hundred and fifty years in which dragons are believed to be extinct, Daenerys has given birth to three. She calls them Drogo in memory of her husband Khal Drogo, Viserion in memory of his brother Viserys e Rhaegal in memory of his other brother Rhaegar. After the deaths of Viserion and Rhaegar, Drogon is the only known and still alive dragon in the entire fictional world of Game of Thrones.

All the Dragons of House of the Dragon and of The Throne of Swords: article continuously updated. 

The full first season of House of the Dragon is available for streaming on Sky and NOW TV.

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House of the Dragon, the summary of the first season

Read to remember all the main events that happened in the first season of the TV series House of the Dragon.
Author: Frances Musolino ,
House of the Dragon, the summary of the first season

The first season of the TV series House of the Dragon concludes after ten episodes loaded with content, mainly inserted through gods time jumps between one episode and another of House of the Dragon. This of time jumps is a narrative device that allows you to briefly tell long events in the story, showing only the essentials on the screen.

During these time jumps that occurred in the episodes of the TV series House of the Dragon, there have been weddings and new births that are not always easy to locate. Furthermore some of the protagonists of House of the Dragon change actors more than once. An action necessary to justify the physical growth of the characters, which takes place precisely during the time jumps of House of the Dragon.

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