22 against the earth: on Disney + the Soul short spin-off that reveals the story of the soul before meeting Joe Gardner

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Cover of 22 Against the Earth: on Disney + the Soul short spin-off that reveals the story of the soul before meeting Joe Gardner

For what reason does the soul 22 not want to leave the Anti-World? In Soul, her rebellion against the rules is a fact and the reasons that push her to behave in this way are only partially explored. But the material was there and Pixar Animation Studios decided to "dig in" in the new spin-off short 22 against the earth.

The short movie will be available from April 30, 2021 on Disney + and you will once again be able to count on the presence of Paola Cortellesi, who will give voice to the "lively and sarcastic" soul 22. But what is it talking about, in detail?


The plot of 22 against the earth

The House of the Rat has chosen not to reveal too much, but the short synopsis anticipates a story full of emotions in the same vein as Soul. The story is set "long before" the meeting between 22 and the music teacher and jazz enthusiast Joe Gardner and follows the cynical soul in a challenge to the rules of the Anti-World, which sees her recruit 5 other souls and oppose the fate of going to Earth and becoming a human being.

The plan of subversive 22 will not only lead her and her group to face a series of adventures with unexpected implications, but will eventually lead the handful of rebellious souls (and spectators) to a "surprising revelation" on the meaning of life.

Soul Soul Joe Gardner, director of a middle school band with a passion for jazz, has always dreamed of playing at the Half Note, a prestigious club in New York. Suddenly, after 20 years ... Open tab

The words of the director on 22 against the earth

Directing 22 Against Earth is Kevin Nolting, a Pixar "veteran" with 21 years of experience in the Emeryville studios. The director explained that the short movie goes to fill in the gaps left by the story of Soul:

During the making of Soul, we talked about why a new soul doesn't want to live on Earth, but it was ultimately not about that movie. 22 against Earth was an opportunity to explore some of the unanswered questions about why 22 was so cynical. 

Nolting stated that he came aboard without hesitation, because making the short seemed an ideal opportunity to reflect on his personal attitude of detachment and indifference towards the world and reality:

Being quite a cynical person myself, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

As already Soul, also 22 against the earth will address deep and delicate themes. But like the Pete Docter movie, he will do it with a smile:


I think the new anime makes the short really fun, with the contrast between their sheer innocence and glee and 22's cynical expectations.

Travel companions of 22 will have a large part in the short and reveal more on the nature of souls and of the same 22, before anything made her change and become the disenchanted entity Joe Gardner meets:

The other new souls are as they were 22 before choosing another path: simply innocent, like blank pages guided by consultants on their journey, mostly unsurprisingly, to the earth portal. In this, 22 sees an opportunity and tries herself to guide her way of thinking about her.

Soul: the soul 22
What changed 22 and transformed her into the cynical and disenchanted soul of Soul?

The idea of ​​delving into the story of an animated feature film character in a short film is not new to Pixar. In 2020, the studio did something similar with #Lamp life, which chronicles Bo Peep's "crazy adventures" between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 4. The experiment worked and now it's time for fans to find out more about 22.

The new short movie, as well as Soul, Lamp Life and the whole Toy Story saga are available on Disney +. Along with many other exciting content for young and old.

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