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In a peculiar year like 2020, where cinematic releases had to follow a strict protocol of constant updating of release dates, undergoing constant postponements that even destined some titles to 2021, TV series have been the salvation for many viewers. In the year in which the last 007 film was canceled from the calendar and where the future of the Marvel house was postponed to a later date, serial operations such as the shocking I May Destroy You or the adolescent We Are Who We Are by Luca Guadagnino, like Normal People's underwear or the supernatural Lovecraft Country comforted the audience thanks to their remarkable quality, making the audience feel a little less alone.

It is therefore once again in the television and digital series in which we trust for this 2021, which seems to promise a series of highly appealing titles already in the first months of its departure. So here is a list of 20 series to watch for 2021, including authorial signatures, superhero sitcoms and unprecedented collaborations.


1) Wandavision

It is useless to hide it: for this first part of the year we will all be focused on Wandavision and its release on January 15th. The series starring the characters of Scarlet Witch e Vision, interpreted by Elizabeth olsen e Paul Bettamy, will open the dance for a whole series of products that will land directly on the Disney + platform. A new form of storytelling for Marvel, which with Wandavision makes its debut in seriality.

What intrigues the series the most is its changing character which has already demonstrated from the trailer. Wandavision should, in fact, mainly maintain the tones of sitcom, but the genres it will touch will probably be different, carrying on one of the most beautiful love stories of the MCU. A series that, according to those who worked on the project, can also be seen by those who have never followed any Marvel movie, while for fans there will be many surprises. All condensed into six episodes.

2) Lupine

There are countless narratives that revolve around the cunning adventures of Arsenio lupin. And, now, Netflix is ​​adding another one. This is the original series Lupine, which will arrive on the streaming platform from 8 January. Inspired by the work of the writer Maurice Leblanc, this modern version of the crook will be set in Paris and in the role of the protagonist we find Omar Sy, which most audiences will remember for his role opposite François Cluzet in the acclaimed film Almost Friends. 

Lupine's plot centers on a young man Assane diop that, following the death of his father after the man was accused of a crime he did not commit, will see his life upset forever. Twenty-five years later, Assane will take inspiration from the book Arsène Lupine, gentleman thief, seeking inspiration to avenge his parent. The first part of Lupine consists of five episodes.

3) House of the Dragon

Longing for The Throne of Swords? Fear not loyal fans, the spin-off of HBO's hit series is on its way. It is about House of the Dragon, which saw its total approval and production of an entire season, following the abrupt cancellation of what should have been a prequel to the series, set long before A Song of Ice and Fire and starring Naomi Watts. House of Dragon is also years ahead of Game of Thrones, but instead of thousands as in the series with Watts, only three hundred years separate the events known to fans.

House of the Dragon finds the basis for its story in the novel Fire & Blood, which goes on to tell the story of the first one hundred and fifty years of the lineage of Targaryen, to which the character of Daenerys belongs. The events that led to the decline of a name as powerful as that of the Targaryen will be brought to light, up to the rebellion of Robert Baratheon, so as to be able to rejoin directly with The Throne of Swords.


4) The Lord of the Rings

It was Frodo Baggins, aka Elijah Wood, who declared that it would be best for the series inspired by the literary work of J. R. R. Tolkien do not be named after the films of the famous saga The Lord of the Rings. This is because the original series of Amazon Prime Video, which tries with this production and its mammoth scale to rise to the most powerful streaming platform at least of 2021, is set chronologically much earlier than the events we all know thanks to the wonderful and irreplaceable direct trilogy. by Peter Jackson.

But here we are anyway with a series that draws its material from some of Tolkien's original writings and whose only thing about the plot that is certain is its placement long before The Fellowship of the Ring. It would also seem that Amazon has already commissioned the show five seasons, which would have put the writers of the series to work immediately. At the moment, however, only a second season is confirmed. The date for the release of the series is still uncertain. 

5) Loki 

Another Marvel series and last but not least on the list. One of the most adored characters of the entire Marvel franchise is back in serial format, a villain packaged ad hoc to conquer the public in this new experimental phase for the narratives of the company led by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. IS Loki the series that, like Wandavision, will arrive on Disney + in the spring of 2021. To wear the shoes of Thor's half-brother again is the inevitable Tom Hiddleston, essential interpreter linked to the fascinating figure of the Nordic character.

The possible advances to be made around Loki are somewhat limited. If you think about the timeline of the MCU, at the moment the character would have died given the fate of him in Avengers: Infinity War. It is true, however, that with the time travel generated to remedy the chaos caused by the snap of Thanos' fingers, we have seen Loki in a past moment in the timeline of the films, in which the character manages to escape with the tesseract. This, as confirmed by the Russo Brothers, creates a new timeline within the MCU, where the events of the protagonist of the series, also divided into six episodes, could be inserted.


6) Invincible 

New animated series for Amazon Prime. Invincible is the new production conceived by R, former father of The Walking Dead comics. The protagonist is the story in eight episodes on the iconic work of the American cartoonist, which could capture the attention of all fans of The Boys given the intersection between powers and ultra-violence.

Invicible sees the young man as the protagonist Mark Grayson, son of Omni man, universally considered the most powerful superhero on the entire planet. It is certainly not easy, therefore, to grow up in the shadow of such a large figure, especially when, at the age of eighteen, Mark himself begins to develop his powers. This will lead him to dig deeper into the life of his parent, discovering that perhaps, of heroic, he has had very little.

7) Anne

Niccolo Ammaniti returns to seriality after the success of Il miracolo and does so by being refined once again by the hand of the screenwriter Francesca Manieri. The work is based on Ammaniti's eponymous literary work released in 2015 and will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic and distributed on Now TV in early 2021.

Again focusing on suggestion and suspension, Anna takes the title from her protagonist played by Julia Dragotto, who lives in a world where a virus has exterminated all adults, leaving the children alone. In her new lonely life, the only person close to Anna is her little brother Astor, who will be kidnapped by a gang of children, thus forcing the girl to look for him. In this journey in a Sicily submerged by rubble, Anna together with other characters will try to cross the Strait of Messina, with the attempt to find out if there is really no adult left or if, instead, a cure for the virus has been found.

8) I was hoping de died first

After his directorial debut in 2020 with the grotesque and illuminating I predatori, Peter Castellitto back in front of the camera to interpret an icon of the whole Roman world. The son of art, in fact, will be the captain Francesco Totti in the television series I was hoping de died first, a phrase that echoed for days after the player's retirement from the Roma team.

Speravo de morì prima is a Sky original and is taken from A Captain made by Totti himself together with the journalist Paolo Condò. Series that comes only a year after the surprising documentary on sports My name is Francesco Totti, which received a very warm welcome from both the public and critics. The serial operation is divided into six episodes, which investigate the last two years of the number 10 player, as well as his final farewell to the Giallorossi shirt. 

9) Outer Range 

Brad Pitt's Plan B teams up with Amazon to bring the mystery series to life outer range, whose cast names continue to increase by the day. To the already mentioned Josh Brolin, Tom Pelphrey, Tamara Podemski e Lili taylor the actress has also been added Imogen poots, which is fresh from seriality coming directly from the work done together with the creator Derek Cianfrance of A face, two destinies - I Know This Much Is True. 

Outer Range is written and conceived by the newcomer Brian Watkins and set in the hostile territories of Wyoming. The protagonist is Josh Brolin in the role of Royal Abbott, a breeder who struggles and works to maintain his land and his lifestyle, which will be moved to discover the man of a mystery just a few steps from his house. 

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10) The Expatriates

Lulu wang has been able to get noticed thanks to its delicious The Farewell, the story of a girl torn between her family's Chinese traditions and her life in America, who explored the various contradictions of both cultures. After her passage to the cinema, where the irresistible Awkwafina - winner for the role of the Golden Globe - was the protagonist and where the author saw her film triumph at the Independent Spirit Awards, Wang arrives in seriality with The Expatriates and it does so by relying on Amazon.

There is also a production with the streaming giant Nicole Kidman, which brought the story based on the best seller by Janice YK Lee, which deals with the dramatic community life of a group of expatriate women living in Hong Kong. The series is divided into six episodes, but given that very little is known about it, it is possible that it will be postponed. In any case, for an author like Lulu Wang, it's always best to be prepared.


11) Falcon and the Winter Soldier 

Finally the filming of Falcon and the Winter Soldier are over and the series can thus arrive on the Disney + platform. The Marvel operation brings together two of the MCU's minor, but no less beloved characters, who will thus have the opportunity to shine in a show of their own. The protagonists are therefore the Falcon of Anthony Mackie and Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes of Sebastian stan.

As with the rest of the Marvel series, the anticipations on the plot are very few. What we can cling to, however, is the passing of the vibranium shield entrusted by Captain America to Falcon, somehow underlining a sort of passing of the baton. The series is termed ato buddy comedy in which the characters will find themselves involved shoulder to shoulder in some adventures. Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on Disney with its six episodes on March 16, 2021.

12)Daisy Jones and the Six

Amazon has decided to conquer 2021. Adding to the list of its original TV series is Daisy Jones and the Six, who sees the director Niki Caro director of the live action Disney Mulan. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Taylor jenkins reid and set in the seventies.

The protagonist of Daisy Jones and the Six is ​​the actress Riley keough in the role of the mysterious singer-songwriter Daisy, trying to make her way into the world of rock music. Her success for the singer will come when a producer joins her with the group of The Six led by frontman Billy Dunne, the actor. Sam Claflin.

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13) Hawkeye 

Currently in the works, Disney and Marvel Studios seem to be confident in the resumption of their activities so as to reserve a space in the fall of 2021 for the series. Hawkeye focusing on Hawkeye's superhero Jeremy Renner. Co-starring, an exciting character: Kate bishop, a young student of the superhero, in whose role we find the promising and now well-known Hailee Steinfeld.

And it will be precisely on the training of this skilled shooter on which the plot of Hawkeye is based, who sees the character of Clint aka Hawkeye teaching young Bishop the secrets of the trade. This is despite her having no power, but she will still try to turn her into a superhero.

14) Christian 

Other supernatural elements for Italian seriality. Sky has announced its crime drama Christian, which sees the actor Edoardo Pesce as the unlikely giver of miracles. To direct there is the Stefano Lodovichi of another successful Italian series such as Il Cacciatore, which went on to work on this new project based on the short film of the same name shot in 2015 by Gabriele Mainetti and Ilaria Giachi.

Christian is the violent protagonist of the series, the one who takes care of the dirty work of a gangster boss named Lino, for which the man goes to collect the debts, coming to blows every time. But they will be the ones who, from one day to the next, will begin to bleed. While this will prevent Christian from doing his job properly, he will realize that he will be able to treat people.

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15) What if…?

Among the most bizarre finds of Marvel Studios, that of "What could have happened if ...?" belongs to the new animated series What if…? which will arrive in 2021 on Disney +. In the next summer we could see many variations of the same universe that can offer a series of glimpses on what could have happened differently to some characters of the MCU, who will be voiced by their original actors.

The protagonist narrates the events of the TV series The Watcher, extraterrestrial able to observe all the events that take place in the universe. To dub this somewhat charismatic character is Jeffrey Wright, the next Inspector Gordon in the film The Batman directed by Matt Reeves. 

16) Lisey's Story

Content based on the works of Stephen King they never end. It is this time Apple TV to grab the rights of Lisey's Story, a miniseries in eight episodes scripted by the horror writer himself and which will see one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers as director: Pablo Larraín. Before starting work on the biopic on Princess Diana played by Kristen Stewart, the Chilean director devoted himself to the world of seriality where, alongside Apple, JJ Abrams, Ben Stephenson and Julianne Moore. The latter is also the protagonist of Lisey's Story alongside Clive Owen, finding the two actors together since the days of The Children of Men by Alfonso Cuarón. 

The series will see as the protagonist Lisey, widow for two years. A series of events will lead the woman into a vortex of unreality, ending up finding herself in front of some moments and events that concern her deceased husband. Moments and events that, perhaps, Lisey had tried to forget.

17) Everyone is fine at home 

Gabriele Muccino moves from cinema to TV series to bring a story to the small screen which, however, draws inspiration from one of his latest films, At home everyone is fine. Same title for film and television series, the project produced by Sky together with Lotus Production and Leone Film Group was announced only in the summer of 2020 and sees the start of its shooting in the spring of 2021, but the desire to make release the product during the same year.

The eight episodes of A casa tutti bene would reveal a painful secret of the family that owns La Villetta, which for almost forty years has been one of the most renowned clubs in Rome. The themes of the series will retrace family ties as the film of the same name did. There is still no good news on which actors of the film will return to the television series, but also given some details of the plot it is suspected about some names such as Pierfrancesco Favino, Carolina Crescentini, Ivano Marescotti e Stefania Sandrelli

18) Women of the Movement

Women of the Movement is the miniseries directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, director of the Netflix original film The Old Guard. In the cast we find Niecy Nash, Adrienne Warren e Cedric joe. The series is produced by ABC and deals with real events.

The story of Women of the Movement frames the lives of the mothers of some children destined for a life of violence due to racial hatred. Between them the life of the mother of is also resumed Emmett Till, a boy who was murdered in 1955. The boy's death started the civil rights movement in America. 

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19) Generation 56K

After their passage on the big screen with Goodbye fucking green faces in 2017, The Jackal sign an agreement with Netflix and here is born 56K generation, original series in eight episodes that will be divided between Rome, Naples and Procida and will try to frame that generation that grew up at the turn of the nineties.

The protagonists of Generation 56K are Daniel e Matilda, who know each other when they are very young and then fall in love as adults. Together with Luca and Sandro, also their lifelong friends, the series will frame their life and make them the representatives of an entire generation, the one that refers to the 56K modem, which upset their adolescence with the arrival of the internet, intertwining the events between 1998 and the present day.

20) Walkers 

To close the list of series to watch in 2021, there is a product that will arrive directly in the first month of January. It is about Walker, reboot of the famous series starring the iconic Chuck Norris, who for nine seasons held the title role in Walker Texas Ranger. To have to take his place, embarking on a real challenge against a television legend, is Jared padalecki, now free given the conclusion of the long adventure undertaken with Supernatural. 

Just like the original series, Walker will also focus on the themes of common living, divided between society and family. The main character is Cordell Walker, who while investigating some cases in the state's elite team, will try to reconnect with those close to him. 

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