15 movies and TV series based on true stories to see on Disney + after Mike

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TV series and films based on true stories always exert great fascination on viewers, who allow themselves to be intrigued and willingly attracted by the paths of lives that have really been lived. Disney + offers Mike, the series based on the true story of Mike Tyson, available on the streaming platform for the Disney+Day ie from 8 September 2022. After seeing Mike, if you still want exciting adventures based on true stories, here are 15 titles, including TV series and movies, that may be for you. Among these stories of actresses, preachers, writers, sportsmen or ... sled dogs who have left their mark on history, you may find the one that touches your feelings the most. Of course, all of the following movies and TV series based on true stories are available on the Disney + streaming platform.

Pam & Tommy


Played by and Lily James and Sebastian Stan, Pamela Anderson, and Tommy Lee, were at the center of the gossip when they lived their love story, and at the center of a big scandal when their hardcore video hit the net. It was the first real phenomenon of private video on the internet, with a worldwide significance. At the time Anderson was famous for the Baywatch TV series, and had become the erotic dream of many fans around the world. Lee was well known to rock lovers as a drummer for Mötley Crüe. The two protagonists are played by Sebastian Stan, known for being the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Lily James, who boasts Downton Abbey and PPZ - Pride + Prejudice + Zombies. To know our opinion, you can read our review of the Pam & Tommy series.


Inspired by the true story of Erin Brokovic, Rebel is a 10-episode series about the tireless activist. Part of her story had already been told in the film Erin Brockovich-Strong as the Truth, starring an unforgettable Oscar-winning Julia Roberts. In this TV series, Erin, played by Katey Sagal, fights for the rights of the working class, even though she has never earned a law degree, with courage and determination. It is available on our site an article on Rebel to learn more about the themes and the cast of the series.


On the eve of World War I, an orphaned boy finds the friendship, love and inspiration he needs through a group of friends. The boy is JRR Tolkien, who will become the future famous writer of The Lord of the Rings. His friends are a small circle of outcasts from his school. The protagonist of this film is played by the talented Nicholas Hoult, known to the general public for the X-Men film franchise. You can read the article we made about Tolkien, film available on Disney +.

Togo - A great friendship

It really seems true that the dog is man's best friend: in this film the Togo of the title is a superb example of the Siberian Husky. Still a puppy, he is welcomed by a breeder and musher (aka sled driver) named Leonhard Seppala, who lives in an Alaskan town. The little dog grows and becomes strong and very fast, so much so that it proves to be an excellent head sled dog. And just as sleigh leader he will be engaged in a mission with his master: to save his city, struck by diphtheria, by going to recover a serum against the terrible disease, traveling more than 1000 kilometers in very harsh climatic conditions. You can find it on our website the review of Togo - A great friendship.

Dopesick - Declaration of dependence


This TV series set in the United States tells the fight of the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and the Department of Justice against the widespread addiction in the country to drugs classified as opioids, painkillers similar to morphine. In particular, the series focuses on the lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, accused of various illegalities in the development and commercialization of Oxycodone. The show has received numerous awards, including the 2022 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie to the star: the talented Michael Keaton. You can learn more by reading our article on Dopesick - Statement of Addiction.

The Dropout

The incredible story of Elizabeth Holmes, an unscrupulous entrepreneur who leads her biotechnology company, Theranos, to success with deceptions and lies. The company set out to perform medical tests with a minimum amount of blood: a simple prick of a finger. In 2015, however, a series of investigations, both journalistic and control of the relevant offices, brought out the truth: the much publicized advanced technology is a scam. In this series Elizabeth Holmes is played by Amanda Seyfried, who boasts Mank and Twin Peaks - The Return. Laurie Metcalf also appears in the series, well known for her role as Sheldon's mother in The Big Bang Theory.

Tammy Faye's eyes

Singer and television personality, Tammy is a woman of great faith who speaks with great simplicity, showing herself with an open heart. Her meeting with Jim Bakker turns out to be decisive for her life: they get married and together begin preaching the Bible while traveling around the United States. When the couple realizes they are successful, she attempts the leap into the world of television. It's a real boom: Tammy and Jim become well-known faces and billionaires, thanks to the donations they ceaselessly request for their religiously inspired society. Playing the shady Jim in the film is Andrew Garfield, in a great acting performance. But the greatest admiration, and an Oscar for Best Actress, went to Jessica Chastain for the role of the effervescent Tammy Faye. On NoSpoiler you will find our article comparing The Eyes of Tammy Faye with the true story of the preacher she inspired.


In the name of heaven


In this series with strong themes we find Andrew Garfield as a fervent believer, but this time he is a police officer. The detective must investigate the murders of Brenda Lafferty and her 15-month-old daughter Erica within the Mormon community. The story is taken from the terrible true story of a murder committed for delusional religious fanaticism. Also in the cast is Wyatt Russell, an actor known for his role as USAgent in the Disney / Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. You can find out more through our in-depth article on In the Name of Heaven.

Rise - The true story of Antetokounmpo

Antetokounmpo is not a single person but the surname of an entire family. In this film you can follow the story of family migration from Nigeria to Greece, in conditions of extreme poverty and without documents. But the fate of three Antetokounmpo brothers, despite their humble beginnings, is to become basketball stars in the United States. Their names are Kostas, Giannis and Thanasis and they are the first three brothers in history to play simultaneously in the NBA championship. A story that speaks of the value of sport, of talent combined with commitment, and of social redemption. You can also read our review of Rise - The true story of Antetokounmpo.

Cool Runnings - Four below zero 

This 1993 film has become a little cult over time. It is the extraordinary story of four Jamaican boys who want to try to compete in the bobsleigh, the winter sport that consists of speeding down icy slopes with a vehicle equipped with steering skates. The dream of these young athletes is to become Jamaica's first official team to represent the country at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Canada. To do this, they ask for help from a great bobsleigh athlete: Irving Blitzer, two-time American gold medalist. Blitzer has retired and tries to be a bookmaker without much success; He is played by John Candy, an American comedy legend known for films such as Mum I Missed a Plane and A Ticket in Two.

The right to count

This film tells the true story of Katherine Johnson, an African American mathematician who works for NASA. Thanks to her courage and her determination, she will be able to work her way through prejudice and racial discrimination, until she gets to take care of an important mission in space that concerns astronaut John Glen. The fair protagonist is played by Taraji P. Henson, and supported by Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe, in the role of colleagues and friends Dorothy and Mary. To learn more about the difference between The Right to Count and the true story that inspired it, we recommend our article dedicated to The right to count.

Le Mans '66 - The great challenge

This film retraces the great rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, from the point of view of two great protagonists of the American car manufacturer: Carroll Shelby, manufacturer and former driver, and Ken Milles driver and mechanic. The two are played by Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Between quarrels and discussions, the two bring together talent and the ability to dare to challenge the Ferrari house with a prototype car: the Ford GT40. The 24 1966 Hours of Le Mans thus becomes the scene of an epic challenge. On NoSpoiler you will find an in-depth study on Le Mans '66 - The great challenge which we recommend if you are intrigued by this fascinating story.

Saint Avoid

The life and death of Eva Perón are at the heart of this thriller series, but there is also something more. In fact, the story continuously alternates different decades, also dealing with the fate of the body of Eva Perón known as Evita, who was embalmed as if it belonged to a queen of ancient Egypt and hidden for many years. The reason for this secret is a specific will of the dictatorship that dismissed Eva's husband, the Argentine president Juan Domingo Perón. The self-imposed military government in the country wanted to hit the Peronists, depriving them of the possibility of worshiping Evita's remains. A risky move that risks turning against the dictatorship, due to the reaction of all the Argentine people, outraged by the silence imposed on the fate of the intrepid leader's body. You can learn more by readingour article on Santa Evita.

Three posters in Ebbing, Missouri 

The dramatic story of a father who lost his daughter has become the story of a woman who has suffered the same loss and struggle against the inefficiency and apathy of the police. James Fulton could not give up on the idea that there was no culprit in the rape and murder of his daughter Kathy, which took place in Vidor, Texas. So he decided to rent three large billboards, to be able to express his accusations of him in public form. One of them read: "Vidor police messed up the case." Director Martin McDonag spotted those posters on a bus trip, and that's where the inspiration for this intense film was born. Frances McDormand as the protagonist and Sam Rockwell as Agent Dixon both won the Oscar for this film, respectively for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. You can learn more by reading the plot and the explanation of the ending (the latter perhaps after having seen the film) in our article on the Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri.

Men Monuments

George Clooney directed and starred in this film that traces the incredible story of the Monuments Men, a diverse group of architects, art experts and museum curators. They were entrusted directly by the President of the United States of America with the task of finding historical works of art stolen by order of Hitler in the European countries invaded by the Nazis. In the cast of the film there are also other talented actors such as Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray and Jean Dujardin, known to the public as the protagonist of The Artist. Also for this film you will find our article that compares the story that really happened with the film Monuments Men.

You can find the release calendar on the Disney + streaming platform by consulting the article Disney +: all upcoming releases between movies and TV series.

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