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Licorice Pizza


Los Angeles, 1973. Gary Valentine, an enterprising and braggart teenager, meets Alana Kane, XNUMX, on the path to independence. She hands him the mirror and comb for the photo of the school yearbook, he declares her love for her eternal. She refuses and he insists. What does Gary believe in? What is Alana opposed to? Ten years separate them but everything seems to unite them. Irresistibly attracted to each other, they don't know how to love each other, they don't even know if they love each other or if they just love the idea of ​​loving each other. Between the oil shock, and the twilight of classic Hollywood, their hypothetical great love starts, advances, swerves, wanders, stops, turns, realigns itself at the end of the night and the San Fernando Valley.

Genres: Drama Comedy

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