Rapunzel Poster - The Intertwining of the Tower
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Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre


A drop of sun fell from the sky a long time ago. From this drop a flower was born, which through a song could rejuvenate or heal people. Jealously guarded for years by the selfish Mother Gothel, the flower will later be found by the King's subjects, who need it to heal his sick pregnant wife. The Queen heals and a beautiful golden-haired girl is born. Mother Gothel, however, one night decides to kidnap the child, after discovering that her hair has the same power as the flower, but she also verifies that at the slightest cut her hair loses that power. For eighteen years Rapunzel, as the princess is called, remains locked up in a tower by Mother Gothel, who however shows herself as an adorable mother to the girl. A villain named Flynn Rider decides to hide in the tower.

Genres: Entrainment Family

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